Building a squeeze page is all about combining the different parts into one coherent page that gets the user to do one thing: fill out the e-mail opt in form. This is easier said than done, because internet surfers might visit squeeze pages on a regular basis, and if yours looks like the rest of [...]

In online marketing, any aggressive marketer would want to maximize every given opportunity that presents itself. However, you maynot be sure of what will work and what will not. This way, you will find yourself trying out different marketing techniques. This is where the concept of split marketing comes in. So, what is split marketing [...]

It is no secret that in the Amazon marketplace the products which are on the bestsellers list get most of the sales. Getting there for product developers is the holy grail of selling on the Amazon marketplace. Whether you are a product developer or an affiliate trying to make commissions through the Amazon Associates program [...]

The use of automated emails is one of the current trends in digital marketing that a majority of businesses are adopting with a key aim of addressing their ever-increasing customer base across the world. Emails are mainly preferred today by most online users for two main reasons; one, they are affordable and secondly their transmission [...]

There are so many tools and plugins required to run a typical online business.  Many times it can be a HUGE pain to have to login and maintain them in 10 different platforms.  It’s a ton of work for you and your team especially when you are trying to get them all to talk to [...]