The other day Steve Harvey featured a life coach on his show to demonstrate how to create a vision board that helps you reach your life's dreams. This is a common occurrence now as big names in the entertainment industry are starting to advocate the benefits of having a life coach, relationship coach, or business [...]

Webinar Jam Studio Review – Is It Worth It?

If you run a business, then webinars can help you boost leads and sales. Million dollar launches have been made simply by using a webinar to warm up an audience that may otherwise not buy anything. Knowing this, all successful business use webinars in some capacity or another. One of the best webinar platform to [...]

Not many people respond well to a direct sales approach anymore. That's why funnels are so important. They take the prospect and lead him or her through a series of non-pushy steps that ultimately result in the desire to buy from you. This is a marketing strategy that everyone should be using in their business [...]

Apex For Life Review – Is It Really Good?

Apex is defined as the highest part of something and can also be referred to as the peak, tip, or simply the top. It is a fitting name for any program or service that thinks it can help you get to the top, and that is exactly why John Di Lemme used it for this [...]

Crowd Force Review – Can It Help You?

It used to be relatively easy to get free traffic through the search engines. You would pick a keyword, do some on-site and off-site work for the keyword, and you could pretty much get ranked pretty high within a few days to a few weeks. The competition wasn't an issue, the search engine algorithm wasn't [...]