You got to love Black Friday. It is a day of savings offline and online for useful and useless products alike. And if you are a business owner, it is a time to get awesome deals on your favorite courses, programs, and products that are supposed to help you move forward with more success. This [...]

Your goal is to scale your business and make more money every month. Am I wrong? The truth is that every business owner would like to increase their monthly profit and ultimately make six figures or more a year. That number can feel too huge when you think about it, but it really would be [...]

"This is never going to work out!" That is just one sentence that could ruin your chances of receiving all the wealth you want. How? Because your words are powerful and have a huge influence over your life. This is not pseudoscience. It is a proven fact that the way you talk to yourself can [...]

When people to sign up to your list, they usually want to hear more of what you have to say. The problem is that you have to attract the right people to you and get them to sign up if you want to build an engaged and profitable list. Can podcasts help you do that? [...]

There is one way to earn your current customer's respect, establish yourself as an expert, and get in front of an audience that you have never been able to reach. It is simply to write a book. However, 'simply' is not the right word to describe this feat. Writing a good, informative and interesting book [...]