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Frank KernSan Diego resident and long-time online marketing ‘guru’ Frank Kern shares his prosperous life with his wife Natalia, four kids, two bunnies and his dog named Charlie Murphy.

Frank Kern, is a business consultant, copywriter, internet marketer, author, successful entrepreneur and collaborator in the recently released software platform Kartra among being other notable successes.

Kartra all in one marketing platform

Karta’s All in One Marketing Platform

Climbing to the Top of the Internet Marketing Industry

Kern says the adage, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle” describes his life to a tee.

His earliest experience in the working world was in Macon, Georgia, as a door-to-door salesman for credit card processing systems.

It was during this time that he first came to learn about “Personal Power” thanks to Tony Robbins. The teaching he enjoyed via cassette tapes helped him climb his way to the top of the internet marketing industry where he has built his well-earned reputation.

You can see Tony’s books and programs on Amazon.com here.

See Frank Kern’s interview with Tony Robbins here that was part of New Money Masters Series:

Kern’s Background Isn’t All Glamorous

Frank Kern’s Battle With The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Although Frank Kern has enjoyed success overall, things for him haven’t always been ideal. This is true even after he made his upward climb into the internet marketing arena.

As he discusses openly Frank Kern was actually sued by the FTC in 2003. It all started in 2001 after Kern created a product called Instant Internet Empires. The problem came about when Kern delved into something called master reprint rights.

This led him to buy a bunch of eBooks up and sold them at a discount. He sold these books bundled into a package that included videos on how to edit web pages, FTP, and how to accept credit cards. All of this was under the umbrella of Instant Internet Empires. He offered customers the reprint rights to the Instant Empires collection for $47.

The FTC claimed that this bundle package was a pyramid scheme. Kern, of course, claimed that this was not true as there was no downline or anything remotely resembling a pyramid scheme. However, according to the FTC, due to the wording on the bundles Kern sold, customers couldn’t resell books, thus no one could achieve the results he did by purchasing the bundle.

Even though Kern believed he was in the right, he knew he would have forfeited tons of money and probably lost in court anyway, so he ended up settling out of court, but not before he borrowed over $100K against his house and fought the charges for six months.

He has since learned a valuable lesson that being to properly understand the product you are selling and its licensing beforehand in order to lessen the risk of doing business.

Frank Kern Moves on to Better Things

Moving past his episode with the FTC and on to better things, Kern has found huge success as an author and copywriter. The book, CD and DVD “The New Money Masters” was created by Frank Kern and Anthony Robbins.

This is just one example of the products with which Kern has found success.

Many others include his programs; Mass Conversion, Info Business Blueprint, Client Acquisition System and Ultimate Webinar Blueprint.

Oh and another of his latest offerings is the Frank Kern Inner Circle (what appears to be his primary focus) and his part ownership in Kartra.

All About Frank Kern’s Inner Circle

Kern has used his ability to sell and applied it to modern internet marketing.

Some of his most precious nuggets of wisdom are shared with you if you become part of his Inner Circle. The following contains just a small taste of the knowledge you will be privy to:

  • Frank Kern Inner CircleClose-Stacking: This method adds products or knowledge, compounding what he is offering you, making it almost irresistible.
  • Ultimate Offer: This is Kern’s “pitch anything to anyone” formula.
  • Magic Steps: This includes the six steps you can use to transform your online business, going big.
  • Power Positioning: Through this element of the Inner Circle, you learn how to establish yourself as a credible premiere online brand and a person worthy of trust.
  • Price Points: Kern’s Inner Circle has recently gone up but you can get all the details at his official site here.

A Few of Kern’s Many Other Successes

Notable Products & Services

  • Mass Control
  • Mass Control 2.0
  • List Control
  • Screw Google System
  • Annihilation Method
  • Pipeline Profits
  • Serializer Seminar
  • Underachiever Mastery
  • Infomillionaire
  • 4 Day Cash Machine
  • Mass Conversion

Core Influence by Frank Kern

One of the most popular things Kern ever discussed was his Core Influence idea.  It’s something that if you haven’t heard is worth giving it a listen. I’ve added the video for you below.

Kern’s Behavioral Dynamic Response: Another of His Successes

Frank Kern’s Behavioral Dynamic ResponseFrank Kern Behavioral Dynamic Response is basically smart tracking that monitors what your site visitors do, and then customizes marketing messages based upon their behavior. Amazon is a great example of this technology.

You search for a certain product and are then sent advertisements for similar products.

Of course, the example of Amazon is rudimentary in nature, especially when compared to the Behavioral Dynamic Response perfected by Kern. What this high-tech system does is properly track customers and prospects. This knowledge will give you the ability to respond properly.

Kern Is Also a World-Class Direct Response Copywriter

In addition to his other accomplishments, Frank Kern is an excellent copywriter.

His understanding of the written word and how to compose high-quality content has, of course, contributed to the success he has had as a course creator and author.

Kern has combined his ability to copy write with marketing and teamed up with Kartra to offer engaging campaigns accessible with a Kartra membership.

Kern has helped create plug-and-play marketing campaigns complete with world-class copy (counting his famous 4-day cash machine), including squeeze pages, landing pages, emails, checkouts, thank you pages and more.

The fact that Kartra gives you access to Kern’s expertise, especially in copywriting as well as direct response is yet another advantage of the recently released software.

What Frank Kern Cannot Do

One of the reasons we love Kern is because he does a great job at attracting is the ideal audience and repelling folks who are not a fit or serious.  According to the man himself, Kern cannot help you get rich quick. It takes work to keep the many plates spinning so to speak. Kern said the following about perfecting the art of selling things online:

“It takes hard work to create (of course meaning sales funnels, campaigns and response driven technology) and it takes hard work to maintain.”

In other words, you can’t set up your online business and expect it to run itself. You will have to maintain what you have worked hard to build. Kern will provide you with actionable tactics and strategies that you can use in the process but it takes effort on your part to achieve your dream.

Frank Kern offers actionable strategies and blatant sales pitches.

Frank Kern’s Sustained Success

Of course, Kern has had ups and downs in his professional life. He hasn’t let his disappointments or setbacks get him down though. He attributes much of this to the fact that he believes “anything is possible.”

He also claims Tony Robbins’ teachings have been incredibly influential throughout his life.

We are thankful Kern has remained committed to finding sustained success and has been willing to share his secrets to said success with all of us.

Even though you know that sustained success will take hard work, the strategies perfected by Frank Kern will most assuredly help you in the fulfillment of your dreams.

That is, of course, assuming your dream is to find success in online marketing, the self-promotion of your abilities or becoming a financially secure entrepreneur.

Frank Kern, we thank you.

We also hope you have enjoyed this definitive look at who how he achieved his immense success.

You can learn more about Frank at his official site and if you’d like to test-drive Kartra you can go here.



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