How Webinars Are Beneficial To Marketers

WebinarMarketers today have a wide range of tools that can help them to get their message across to the masses and potential customers. One of those tools is webinars and this is proving to be a very effective tool, indeed. There are many reasons why marketers would want to incorporate webinars into their marketing strategy and according to a study done by the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 60 percent of marketers are realizing those benefits.

Generation of Leads

Webinars offer a very effective way of generating leads. While email, blog posts and social media can help to spread a message, the benefits of webinars should certainly not be overlooked. Other methods simply do not provide the chance for interaction from both ends like webinars. They offer a great list building benefit and those planning to attend a webinar will register with their contact information so that information can be captured and marketers have the opportunity to follow up with attendees after the webinar has ended.

Benefits of Webinars

One of the main benefits of using webinars is in their affordability. Many marketers will dismiss them simply because they are not nearly as effective as a live event but they are a great way to reach people and they cost much less than live events. The potential for ROI is excellent and they give marketers the ability to speak to audiences and offer insights from experts in their industries. The repurposing opportunity of webinars is also a benefit.

One of the biggest challenges for content marketers is producing enough content to fill their distribution channels. So once you’ve created all that fabulous content for your webinar, don’t forget about it.

Ideas can be repurposed and used in other content. Marketers can break down the content in the webinar and use it for multiple posts and share slides of the event as well. They simply offer more long term value than any other marketing tool and can be used in correlation with other tools to produce a more effective result.

In order for any marketing campaign to be successful, it is important to consider multiple strategies. Those who have not tried webinars should learn more about their benefits and how they can help to spread the message of their brand. Experts recommend using multiple tactics in order to reach more people. Social media for instance is a very effective tool but it will not reach every single customer. Blog posts can be very effective as well but again, they will not draw the interest of everyone in a marketer’s target audience. It is essential to use more than one marketing method in order to be successful.

The marketers that are using multiple digital media channels are doing the best job of reaching engineers.

Studies have shown that video content is a very effective marketing technique and is a top investment area among many marketers. The Content Marketing Institute along with MarketingProfs released a survey that shows that more than 70 percent of all marketers are now using video for content marketing.

Videos for Content Marketing

The reason that video is so popular is because it works. People like to be able to see who is talking to them. While content itself is still important, many people prefer video because it offers more of an interaction ability. Webinars have this effectiveness as well. The survey done showed that the majority of website visitors prefer video along with webinars and that more and more marketers are using these tactics to reach their audiences. 63 percent of all marketers are now using webinars and webcasts in order to reach their audience and creating a publishing those webinars is easy and inexpensive.

Webinars are used for every industry from education to marketing and for good reason. Many marketing conferences even offer webinars and other video sessions and there are tips for using them virtually everywhere online. Webinars offer the ability to better interact, one that you simply do not get with content alone. They offer the chance to interact face-to-face so to speak so that customers feel much more comfortable with the information that they are getting. When dealing with customers, personal presence is essential. Those who simply do not have the time to interact personally with customers can use webinars to do so and they work to attract new customers as well.

Many customers will appreciate that marketers have taken the time and initiative to set up a webinar so that they can have a bit of personal one on one time. They offer an excellent opportunity to build relationships with clients and customers as well as business associates. In fact, they offer the opportunity to build an entire community of repeat customers.

Having a great webinar program can keep prospects and clients coming back for more, helping to build a community around the event.

It is important to allow time for a question and answer period after the webinar so that interaction is more encouraged. The ability to ask questions, get answers and leave feedback will help to build trust which is essential in marketing. When customers trust a brand they will return to that brand over and over again. Webinars are an excellent way to build trusting relationships with clients or customers and with partners or associates.

Webinars Are Not Just for Training

Webinars are no longer just used for training purposes. Marketers today can gain so much from a webinar and when used with other marketing techniques, they offer a high return on your investment and give you the ability to really reach your target audience. The popularity of using webinars for marketing has grown substantially over the past few years and is expected to increase in the future. Marketers who are not using webinars are missing out on an excellent way to reach customers, build relationships with those customers and add new customers to their business. For a cost effective approach to marketing, webinars offer a number of benefits and studies have shown that more than half of all marketers are now using these to their advantage.

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