Tips On How To Sell Your Kindle Book Like A Pro

The rise of the e-book has created an entirely novel market for writers of all kinds, and yet while many people might write a great story, this doesn’t mean they know how to market a product effectively. Most well known, published authors have entire publishing houses backing their books, advertising their novels and generally marketing their name, image and story, but if you want to market your e-book, you’ll most likely be working on your home. Advertising effectively isn’t just possible, however, it is straightforward when you know how it is done and it can greatly increase your sales when the time comes to begin reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Sell Your Kindle Book Like A Pro

Encourage Reviews on Amazon

Very few people are going to be interested in reading a book published by someone who is unknown in the field of fiction, or even nonfiction, particularly if no one has read the book, which is why one of the first things that you need to do to get your book off the ground is create some buzz. Professionals create buzz by having well known critiques read the books and publish reviews in very popular periodicals, but if you don’t have the money or the connections to have this service done, you need to get more creative. Start off by having someone read the book and post a review on Amazon. Once you have got the ball rolling, encourage others to do the same. According to the contributors of, it might also be helpful providing a preview to potential customers, since;

A preview of your book which includes endorsements, the chapters of your book and a sample of your book gives your potential reader confidence in what they will be investing in.

Write a Great Book

You can’t sell a book that you don’t believe in, and it is next to impossible to market something that is poorly written. Before you invest in advertising an e-book, take the time to actually write something worthwhile. Tim Ferris says that you shouldn’t use this e-book to decide if you are good at writing, or whether you enjoy it. If you want to find out whether or not you are committed, start out by actually detailing the book so that you know what you are going to write before you jump into the book. He describes it simply;

Create a detailed outline of the entire eBook. Map everything out, from the introduction to the concluding paragraph. You should have a thorough outline detailing the style, tone and content of each chapter.

Only once you have a good start should you then proceed to writing the book; if you can’t finish this first step, you’ll most likely not have the time and dedication to finish the book. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell e-books, however, all it means is that you might want to outsource the project.

Choose a Good Title

People tend to pay attention to titles before they decide whether or not to purchase a book, so you need to focus on your title before you market your novel. You might want to take some time to go through the titles of some of the most popular books within your niche market so that you can compare them to your own ideas; if yours don’t match up, take some time to come up with a title that will.

Why Should People Read the Book ?

If you’re not sure why people should read an e-book, you won’t have a clue how to go about marketing it, so make this one of the first and foremost questions in your mind before you start coming up with an advertising campaign.

Marketing a kindle book can be a tricky task to undertake, but with some guidance, every effort you put in will be rewarded with positive results, and this makes it worth doing it right.

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