Tips On Creating An Effective Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are able to generate a lot of business if they are set up correctly, but some people find it tricky getting this right. If it is set up incorrectly, this isn’t only ineffective in driving business to your company, but it could actually hurt the reputation of your business in the long run. There are a few tips that can help people in setting up their squeeze pages more effectively so that they can continue using them to their advantage while the owner of a business sits back and reaps the rewards.

Effective Squeeze Page

Choose Your Heading Well

The heading is the first thing that a potential customer will look at when they come across your squeeze page, so it should actually be one of the best things about this page.

According to, the heading is so important because;

This alone will determine if your visitors will even continue reading your text.

Because of this, every effort needs to go into ensuring that the heading is so captivating that a person simply cannot do anything other than read on. The information that you add to the heading will then determine whether a potential clients provides you with their email, but until then, you need to pay attention to capturing their interest and keeping it long enough so that they dedicate themselves to reading the rest.

Power Your Text with Emotion

Most of the decisions that people make in their everyday lives are powered by emotion, and it is no different when it comes to making decisions about a business. Most experts recommend that you place your text in bullet points, instead of in paragraphs when you start writing out your squeeze page so that people can get through this quickly and make a fast decision about whether or not to provide you with their email address. The main aim of the bullet points is to inform a potential customer why they should provide you with their email address, and if you focus on capturing their attention in the emotional sense, they’ll pay more attention to what you have to say.

Provide Problems and Solutions

The outline of any squeeze is to identify problems that people tend to face, whether this is in their everyday lives or in a business sense, and then provide solutions to these issues. Basically, the first part of the page should capture someone’s attention because they relate to the issues, while the second needs to hold their focus and convince them to provide you with their email address because you’ve listed solutions to these issues that make sense to them.


People love freebies, whether they are something as small as a tube of toothpaste or the chance to enter into a prize to win a car. If you really want to grab someone’s interest, you might want to include a freebie on your squeeze page; this means you’ll be getting something in return for giving something away, and most potential customers will consider this sort of transaction to be fair. As the experts at Eric’s Tips put it;

The download page for your freebie can be monetized with offers for your own product(s) and with affiliate links.

If an affiliate is giving away a prize, all the better, because this means you won’t be footing the bill.

Email Is King

People might not sign up for RSS feeds easily, or like a page through their Facebook without carefully considering the pros and cons, but most will be willing to provide companies with their email addresses as long as they know this address will be safe. Ritoban Chakrabarti puts it simply;

Internet users can overlook Facebook posts, Tweets, and even RSS updates, but everyone checks their email.

These types of contacts can be very valuable to a business when they are used correctly. Some experts even refer to list of emails obtained in this way, “the money”. Most marketers prefer having email subscribers over Facebook fans, because ultimately, they tend to be more active customers.

Keep It Simple

People will most likely only take a couple of minutes to decide whether or not they want to become a subscriber, so if they come across a squeeze page that is difficult to navigate, or indeed complicated in the least, they might very well give up on trying to figure it out and people can end up losing a lot of potential business in the process. As Jason Fox puts it;

Focus on simplicity. The page doesn’t need complex design elements or large chunks of texts. The navigation should remain simple, as well. Visitors should know what to do as soon as they get to the page.

Trying to be too original or unique could end up causing you to fail at what you were actually trying to achieve.

Don’t Be Too Promotional

The basic premise of a squeeze page is to capture a person’s interest so that they make the decision to learn more by subscribing. If you are too promotional, you could end up losing their interest before you’ve really captured it, so don’t fall into this all too common trap. Focus on keeping things simple and getting a simple message across rather than trying to include your entire business plan in the page; this should work much better for you in the long run.

Make Use of Different Mediums

While many people stick to wording when they’re in the process of coming up with a squeeze page, there are a variety of mediums that work just as well for people who are looking to reach out to potential clients. Why not make use of images, video or even audio as you go about trying to sell an idea or concept; after all, these can be a lot more entertaining than just straightforward text.

Squeeze pages can be very effective methods of advertising, but you need to ensure you tackle them in the right manner. Always keep the aim of these pages in mind as you go about taking care of everything from the layout to the wording, as this will help prevent you from steering off course in the meantime.

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