The Raikov Effect Review – What’s The Truth?

Really?  A Method Of Easily ‘Stealing’ The Mindset Of Others, Meaning You Can Have The Genius Of Einstein, The Confidence Of The President (And Boy, Is He Confident…!), The Creativity Of Da Vinci, Or The Business Acumen Of Branson…  What A Load… Or Is It?

Raikov Effect ReviewYou’ll excuse us if we seem a little – how can we put it nicely – errrr, cynical!  But when we came across the ‘miracle’ that is The Raikov Effect – a product that promises to show you how to easily and simply hack into the talents and abilities of others, we definitely raised an eyebrow (or both…).

But, never let it be said that we ‘dis’ a product without giving it a fair chance to impress us (or not, as is so often the case).  And, we have to admit, a lot of people whose opinions we respect are raving about it.

So this left us with no choice but to get down and dirty with exactly what the Raikov Effect is really about.  If you’re thinking of spending your hard earned dollars on this ‘amazing’ program, you’d better take a couple of minutes to read our review below.

Because what we discovered surprised us no end.  And we think it’ll do the same for you.  So don’t spend a penny until you find out what our in-depth analysis uncovered…

What do you get for your money with The Raikov Effect?

Right then, what The Raikov Effect is, is a detailed course that shows you exactly how you can mimic and take on the mindset of another person.  In other words, by moving your own way of thinking into parallel with the man or woman you want to emulate, then you can access their mindset and get a whole lot of additional ‘input’ than from your own mindset alone.

Once you become proficient, The Raikov Effect allows you to literally ‘steal’ the way of thinking and possibility of achievements of the other person.

It works in the following ways:

  • The Raikov Effect means you take on all the attributes of the person you want to be:  By pretending to be someone else, we can use the unconscious mind to see things from their point of view, think in the way that they do, and even take on their mannerisms and type of movement.
  • The Raikov Effect means we can take on the mindset as though we’ve already achieved the goal we’re working towards:  This means that your mind changes, putting you in mental alignment with the very goal itself.  By doing this we allow ourselves to move quickly and smoothly towards exactly that goal.
  • The Raikov Effect allows you to gain insight into problems and quickly work out how to solve them:  The brain, and your mindset in particular, is not fixed in one particular place.  By knowing exactly how, we can change the ‘filters’ that we commonly use to work things out.  And if we change them to those of a person who’s success we want to copy, then we too can think and act in exactly the same way they would.

OK, so what exactly can I expect from The Raikov Effect course?

The complete course consists of the following:

  • A 100+ page book that contains the whole Raikov Effect course
  • A 10 minute listen along Raikov Effect MP3
  • 5 x listen along audios that cover confidence, brain power, wealth and abundance, weight loss, and The Law of Attraction
  • A 20 minute quick start audio guide
  • The 15 page Raikov quick start guide
  • A ‘take anywhere’ Raikov cheat sheet
  • 24/7 lifetime support

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Who is the Raikov Effect for?

Well, we have to say that the Raikov Effect is a course for anyone who wants to achieve their goals in life.  And it doesn’t discriminate against anyone – it works no matter what your age, your race, your past success (or failures), whether you’re male or female…  It’s all about changing your mindset to one that works in harmony with yours.  In other words, it doesn’t take over from who you truly are; instead it provides you with the additional input from those who’ve already succeeded in ways that you’d also like to.

The Pros and Cons of The Raikov Effect

The Pros

  • Once learnt, using the Raikov Effect is a simple 5 minute process.  Thanks to the tapping of psychological effects that most of us are unaware of, we really can ’inject’ ourselves with the talents of anyone in the world we admire.
  • The program can show you exactly how to unlock potential in any area of your life.  No matter what your goal (you want to lose weight, or run faster, or be more successful at work, earn more money…  You get the drift).
  • The process is truly simple to follow.  And once you’ve learned it, you’ve learned it…  And you can then use it at any point in your life you wish to.
  • The Raikov Effect comes with a no questions asked, 100% money back, incredible 1 Year guarantee.  In other words, you can try it out for a whole 364 days, and if on the last day (or at any point along the way) you decide it doesn’t work for you, then you get every red cent of your money back.

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The Cons

  • Money Back GuaranteeWell, the biggest ‘con’ will be that you don’t see how such a product can work.  But you can rest assured that this wouldn’t have sold in the amount it has if there weren’t a whole host of happy customers out there.  And hey – there’s always the money back guarantee if you’re still not convinced.

The Bottom Line

Our Rating: 

Well, we have to admit that we were highly cynical about the Raikov Effect.  But having got right down to what it’s all about, we have to say that our fears were totally unfounded.  If you’re the kind of person who believes in the power of the mind, then you NEED this program.

Psychology and the human brain are powerful things.  And the Raikov Effect helps you to tap into this power, and manipulate it to reach your goals easier and faster than you ever imagined possible.  We love it, and think you will too…

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