The Pros And Cons Of Paid Advertising

Pros And Cons Of Paid AdvertisingOnline advertising has made it very big in the past few years, but along with it came many questions that people had to ask themselves about the direction they wanted to take with internet marketing. Facebook brought about those questions, and they were concerned whether it was better to pay for advertising or attempt to reach out to potential customers without a marketing budget in hand; this question is still being put forward. The only way to get an answer to this question is to weigh the pros and cons of paid advertising via Facebook to find out what it can do, and what it can’t, as well as whether it is a worthy investment.

Grow Faster

Any new business has a time limit in which they need to grow from a start-up to a sustainable business. These time limes tend to differ in length, but no new business can go without this growth for an indefinite amount of time. The faster a business grows, the better it is for the owner, as well as anyone else involved, and this is where paid advertising can help. As the experts of Easy Assist Media explain;

Ads can help you grow your online channels faster. Unless you have an amazing online campaign that’s attracting a lot of new fans, buying ads to promote your network is simply the fastest way to grow.

Most people aren’t really sure how to go about marketing their business via Facebook. You might be aware that you need a business page, but is that all? Are exciting status updates enough to draw more and more fans to your company? Facebook knows how to reach out to potential clients because they set up the processes behind this advertising. They know how to pick out those viewers who will be most likely to click on your ads. They know how to use the available information to target the audience you need to grow your business too.

They’re Not Quite As Good As Google Ads

According to the experts, Google ads have a click through rate of about 2 percent, whereas Facebook ads have a click through rate of about 0.025 percent; this means you might be better off with the former. Still, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for paid ads, it just means that you need to carefully consider how much you want to put into this specific budget.

Pay When You Get Results

When you choose to advertise through a land based source, you could end up pouring a lot of money into a campaign that might or might not reach your target audience. When you advertise through Facebook, you only pay for the results that you get, and by this I mean you pay when people actually click on your advertisements. This means that you are paying for the advertising that people took an interest in, and this definitely makes it more worthwhile.

Are you worried about millions of people clicking on your advertisements, driving your advertising costs sky-high? The good news is that you can’t go over budget. Alex Charalambous puts it this way;

Facebook ads are similar to Google ads in that you choose your own budget and won’t go over unless you choose to.

Having more control over your marketing budget is particularly appealing if you are a small business owner, so this might be integral to your advertising campaigns.

Paid advertising is a great way to efficiently and effectively connect with others through social media platforms, but it isn’t the be all and end all of marketing; your campaigns should be about this and so much more if you are looking for true success.

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