Signature System Blueprint Review – Is Pamela Bruner Legit?

A Simple, Stress Free, And Easy To Implement System That’ll Transform Your Business So You No Longer Have To Stress About Money And Marketing…? Oh, And It’ll Dramatically Increase Your Income As Well…

signature system blueprint reviewHow great does that sound…? The marketing machine behind the Signature System Blueprint certainly talks the talk. But the big question is… Can it also walk the walk…?

The thing is, if you’re struggling to make your business bring in a decent income… Or perhaps you’ve hit a ceiling and can’t see how on earth you could grow… Or maybe you’re stuck in that all too familiar cycle where you’re maxed out on work to the detriment of down time and family time, then it can be all too easy to be conned by some fancy marketing that promises to show you how to change for the better.

Believe us, we’ve been there…

So when we came across Signature System Blueprint that promises to show you how to format your entrepreneurial work (in whatever field it might be), and put it in a format that provides extraordinary value to your clients. Well, let’s just say that we were going to take some convincing.

If you’re thinking of buying in, then you SO need to read what we found out when we got down and dirty with the system. Because, after all, the last thing you need is to spend your hard earned cash on a product that can’t possibly deliver on its somewhat grandiose promises…

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What do you get for your money with Signature System Blueprint?

So in short, the Signature System Blueprint is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to build a clientele that values your work, and will pay extremely well for the extraordinary service you provide. It’s basically a training course set out in modules, and is directly aimed at those who run ‘transformational’ businesses. You know, coaches, therapists, healers, counselors… Anything in that vein.

The course is presented in modules, and breaks down like this:

  • Module 1: Identify Your Signature Tribe – This is where you pinpoint your ideal target customer base – one’s who’re going to pay you top-dollar for your services. Discover the most lucrative application of your expertise, allowing you to make maximum profits whilst doing what you love.
  • Module 2: Access Your Signature Brilliance – This is where you’ll identify all the genius that you have (including that which you’re not currently being paid for) to attract easily attract more clients.
  • Module 3: Design Your Signature System – This module is where you start to get down to the real business of creating your ideal offering to your clients. You’ll determine the best format for the life transformation service you provide, maximizing the impact for your client, AND that of your profitability.
  • Module 4: Price Your Signature System – Determine which of the four pricing strategies will be right for your package of program. Not only will this allow you to double or triple your fees, but you’ll discover exactly how to serve your clients better so they’ll be clamoring for your services and have no issue with paying for it.
  • Module 5: Sell Your Signature System – Discover the simple system for authentic, effective sales conversations. Never again feel awkward when talking about what you charge for your services. In fact, sales will become a joy with this step-by-step system.
  • Module 6: Expand Your Signature System – Here you’ll learn exactly when and how to move into lower-priced offerings, enrolling group programs, and get the lowdown on passive income generation. This is all about showcasing your work to a much wider audience so you can finally earn more money AND make a massive impact on the lives of your clients.

Each of these modules is presented in three main components. These are the Training Presentation (audio and video), the Signature System Training Guides (with hand outs and work sheets), and a live Q&A and Mindset Transformation Session.

There’s loads of other stuff too, such as The Signature System Facebook Group. Far too much to detail in this short review.

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Who is Signature System Blueprint for?

This is the perfect business coaching system for those entrepreneurs in the transformational field. You know, speakers, trainers, consultants, healers, coaches… It’s for those who have so much talent to give to their clients, but currently don’t make anywhere near what they’re worth. Or perhaps you’re maxed out and have hit a plateau, with no idea how to grow your business. Maybe you’re even giving your services away for nothing, or next to nothing. And you’ll almost definitely hate the marketing side of your business.

In short, this is an educational system for transformational entrepreneurs who want to work less, make more, and have a massive impact on their clients and the world.

Who the heck is Pamela Bruner?

pamela bruner signature system blueprintBruner is certainly well placed to have created The Signature System Blueprint. Some years back she too hated marketing and sales. Fed up with having what she calls an ‘imaginary’ coaching business (where she knew she had so much to give, but wasn’t getting paid for it), she decided to do something about it.

Now she’s a renowned Business Success Coach, author, speaker, and Emotional Freedom Techniques expert. She turned her own business around from earning a mere $375 per month, to more than a million dollars. And she did so in less than three years. She now specializes in working with other entrepreneurs, teaching them her effective strategies to build their own six and seven figure businesses.

The Pros and Cons of Signature System Blueprint

The Pros

  • A simple to follow, step-by-step system that’ll show you how to earn more, whilst working less. And create a far bigger impact on the lives of your clients.
  • Shows you how to make a far more comfortable living (AKA, big money), without having to compromise your values, integrity, or service.
  • Discover the easy ways to find your ideal, high-paying clients.
  • Easy (and fun) to follow, with loads of support and back up.

The Cons

Well, we have to say that the marketing tends to be a little ‘female’ oriented. This is probably because there’s a higher proportion of ladies who run such businesses. However, this is just as suitable for the guys as well, make not doubt about it. It’s just a shame the advertising doesn’t make this totally clear.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’re pretty darn surprised…. Because we were convinced that the Signature System Blueprint was going to be another also-ran in the line of business coaching courses. But sometimes even we have to admit that we were wrong… And that’s because Signature System Blueprint is everything it promises to be, and then some…

For anyone who’s a transformational entrepreneur – whether you’re drawing an income or not – this is a great program. It’ll show you how to get over those awkward sales conversations, and how to truly increase the fees that you charge – with clients that are happy to pay them. If you’re passionate about your business, then the Signature System Blueprint really can show you how to maximize your income. Awesome!

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