Rich Life Club Review – What’s The Deal With T Harv Eker’s Program?

So, Your Quest For True Financial Freedom Hasn’t Quite Got You Where You Want To Be…?  You’ve Bought Everything, Tried All The Courses, Read All The Books…!  But Still That Uber-Success Eludes You.  Well, Apparently It’s Because You’re Missing 4 Critical Points…

And, guess what…?  All you need do is buy into The Rich Life Club to learn them… Hmmm…  We don’t know about you, but it sounds like pretty shady advertising to us…

rich life club review

But!  And that’s a big ‘but’…  We have to admit that the creator of Rich Life Club, T. Harv Ecker, really does know his onions.  And because of this, we decided to put our cynicism to one side (well – slightly off center, we’ve got to be objective, after all…), and get down and dirty with exactly what his program is all about.

So, before you type your credit card details into his Ecker’s shopping cart, just give us a couple of minutes of your time to read what we discovered.  And though we say so ourselves, we do think you’ll find the following very interesting indeed…

What do you get for your money with Rich Life Club?

OK, so what the Rich Life Club is, is an online learning course by the master himself, T. Harv Ecker.  We’ll talk a little more about him in a moment, but first, let’s give you a breakdown of what’s included in the course.

Your study will consist of around 15 minutes per day (you can do more – or less – if you wish), and is divided into the following sections:

  • Part 1 – The 17 Habits of Wealth: Did you know that the wealthiest folks in the world share unique habits – 17 of them, in fact.  This allows them to think about money in a different way from everyone else, and – more importantly – act differently.  In this section you’ll learn these exact habits, and how you can adopt them and use so your mindset is identical to those at the top of the rich list.  In addition, you’ll also discover how to rid yourself of any ‘unwealthy’ habits that you might unconsciously be following.
  • Part 2 –Rich Life Club Journal: Here you begin some life-changing (and wealth changing) techniques.  Because in order to learn, you need to truly understand.  By following some proven formulas, you’ll begin to deepen your learning and cement your new wealth habits.
  • Part 3 – The Wealth Builder: In this section it’s all about developing the right mindset.  By this, it means re-training your subconscious to understand and firmly tie in with your beliefs about your own ability.  Because if you don’t honestly believe you can do it – deep down – then you never will ‘do it’ – AKA, make the wealth you truly deserve.
  • Part 4 – The Rich Life Club Mastermind Group:Support is vitally important when it comes to earning what you’re worth. And whilst following the instructional portion of the Rich Life Club, you’re going to be making significant positive changes in your life.  So ongoing support is a key ingredient for success.  You’ll get access to the private membership portal where you can communicate with like minded people, interact, ask questions, get answers, and answer the questions of others.  Share your wins with other successful folks, get affirmation from people who think and act like you do, and gain inspiration from the success of others.
  • Part 5 – T.Harv Eker’s Tough Love Mentoring Program: Once every month, you get the privilege of joining a 90 minute live call with the man himself. Here you get personal access to the incredible inspiration Eker brings to the table.  But be very sure about this, if you’re in need of ‘tough love’, Harv isn’t averse to giving it.  It’s not what you WANT to hear, it’s what you NEED to hear…

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Who the heck is T. Harv Eker?

t harv eker rich life clubEker certainly knows a thing or two about making money – and making money whilst enjoying his work.  This self-made millionaire learned the hard way.  He’s made a fortune, lost a fortune, and made it again, and then some…  And it’s this incredible experience that makes his the powerhouse success he is today.  Just Google his name – this guy is a moneymaking machine…!

But one of the great things about him (asides from his speeches, businesses, and uber-successful books), is that he’s not kept his success to himself.  Through courses, such as Get Rich Doing What You Love and The Wealthy Marketer, he’s been able to bring that elusive combination of wealth and happiness to hundreds of thousands of others around the world.  And through his superb courses he can do the same for you…

Who is Rich Life Club for?

Listen – you probably think of yourself as a high achiever – a go-getter – or a self-starter.  But even though you’re one, some, or all of these, you just haven’t quite managed to bring in the wealth you know you deserve.  And the reason might just be that despite all the training, despite all the knowledge that you’ve accumulated, you’re simply missing those 4 vital elements we mentioned before.

So if you KNOW you’re destined for better things.  If you KNOW you can do more.  And if you KNOW you’ve got it in you, then the Rich Life Club has been created specifically for you.  No matter what your age, sex, history, background, or location, if you’re itching for that success that seems to be just out of your grasp, the Rich Life Club could well provide that little nudge over the top to see you scuttling towards true riches…

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The Pros and Cons of Rich Life Club

The Pros

  • The Rich Life Club will provide you with high impact learning – the very best way of cementing new knowledge firmly into your psyche, for the most amazing results.
  • The course works on changing your mindset, meaning that you’ll get rid of the subconscious habits that are destroying your chances of success. Habits that you don’t even know you’re carrying around as baggage…
  • The course is divided into easy to digestible chunks – and you can access it at any time that’s convenient to you.
  • You get ongoing support to help you stay focused and overcome any obstacles that you might come across. And you also get to network with other likeminded people all around the world.

The Consrich life club guarantee

  • So, the biggest ‘con’ will be thinking that you can force your way to true success simply by gaining knowledge. And yes, knowledge is king, but sometimes you need that little more of an edge to tip over from being ‘good’ at something, to being a legend…  And the Rich Life Club has been created from Eker’s personal experience of uber-success – and the great thing is that all of it is learnable – you just need to be open to taking it on board…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, our conclusion ended up being way, way different to what we thought it was going to be.  Because we honestly thought that the Rich Life Club was simply going to be a re-hash of a whole load of readily available content that you can easily access for free.

But we were wrong!  And then some…  Because this course is truly unique.  And truly valuable.  Not to mention that you actually get to attend a LIVE coaching call with Ecker himself, each and every month!  That on its own is worth way, way more than the purchase price of the whole program.

In short, we were blown away at the power and quality of the Rich Life Club.  And with the $1 buck 10-day trial, you can give it a go with no financial obligation whatsoever.  But we’ll bet our right arm that you’ll be hooked – and with good reason.  Because the Rich Life Club could be the very thing you’ve been looking for to turn moderate success into stratospheric success.  We’re hooked, that’s for sure.  And we know you will be too…

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