Why You Should Pay Attention To The Amazon Best Sellers List

It is no secret that in the Amazon marketplace the products which are on the bestsellers list get most of the sales. Getting there for product developers is the holy grail of selling on the Amazon marketplace. Whether you are a product developer or an affiliate trying to make commissions through the Amazon Associates program the best sellers list in every category is something you should pay attention to, because those items are selling well for a reason.

Ideas For Getting A Product Onto The Bestsellers List

First, don’t try to game the system by buying 1000 copies of your own product, or have your friends buy many multiples. Amazon is too smart for that and it won’t cause any significant increase in rankings towards the top of the bestsellers list. That’s because Amazon stores all the IP addresses and credit card data to see when multiple items are bought from the same buyer.

To get your product to the top of the list a good approach is to focus your marketing during a short period of time. By creating an influx of many buyers naturally your product will rise in the bestsellers rankings. Consequently, your sales will snowball as potential buyers notice you on the list and then more sales are generated driving you higher up the list.

Finding A Profitable Product Is More Important Than A Profitable Niche

To be successful at marketing Amazon products you need to diversify to several different niches, because simply put there might not be enough profitable products in one niche to make it worthwhile. A good approach when setting up an Amazon affiliate website is to look out for products which are profitable as opposed to niches, because after all, you will be promoting products, not niches. An expert from Start Up Bros explains why focusing just on the niche is a bad idea:

If you are looking for a profitable product niche, you are never going to be looking for the right thing. You are going to be completely overwhelmed from the beginning looking at mountains of data that are not at all relevant to what you’re trying to do.

For a list of profitable products all you need to do is check out the best sellers list in each category. The competition for these products might be fierce because other internet marketers will be doing the same. But with enough searching around you should be able to find a bunch of products that are selling well and have yet to be given enough attention from marketers.

The Best Sellers List Is Easy To Use

Typically, analyzing data to see which products are selling well and if there is enough money to be made can be a challenging and time consuming task. And this is just for a handful of products. However, because of the Amazon bestsellers list a lot of the work is done for you, which means when it comes to the research you can save a lot of time. This will give you more time to focus on the setting up of the website, or your traffic streams. As a contributor for the Steve Scott Site suggests you can find a lot of products very quickly:

You could spend hours on this one page. Amazon has done an excellent job of making it brain-dead simple to find out what people want.

Do keep in mind that while the best sellers list is very important, there are still thousands of products which are not on the list and you need to explore. Just as a rule of thumb to get started the best sellers list is a great place to start to find those great products that people are buying in high volumes.

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