My Morning Mentor Review – Is Mary Morrissey’s Program Good?

Uh-Oh!  Here’s Yet Another ‘Educational Program’ That’s Gonna Teach You How To Truly Be Successful/Change Your Life/Make More Money/Live The Dream/Reach Your Goal (Feel Free To Pick Whichever’s Appropriate)…  So – Is Mary Morrissey’s Offering Really Any Different…?

My Morning Mentor ReviewOK, folks.  We’re sorry if the above sounds highly cynical, but – guess what?  We’re getting pretty fed up of seeing so-called ‘life coaches’ churning out garbage that promises to show you why you’re not as happy/successful/rich/in love as you think you should be.  And why’s that?  Well, it’s because most of them simply spout the ‘’same old – same old’ that we’ve all heard a million times before.

So when we came across Mary Morrissey’s My Morning Mentor, we have to admit that our automatic reaction was that it was sure to fall into exactly that category.

Buuuut…  Ms. Morrissey happens to be one of the most renowned life coaches – not only in the US, but around the globe.  And that, surely, deserves some recognition.  So, this left us with nothing else to it but to delve deep inside My Morning Mentor, and find out if this was going to be the one exception that proves the rule…

Below is what we discovered.  And we think you’ll find it pretty interesting…

What do you get for your money with My Morning Mentor?

So, what My Morning Mentor is a coaching program that’s designed to help you break away from the ordinary and achieve your full potential.  This could be in any (or all) areas of life.

The program is presented to you in the form of a daily morning coaching email that’s designed to help you create a support structure in you life – one that will see you re-focusing on your goals and have you changing the little habits you’ve learned over time that actually stop you achieving those goals (habits that you probably don’t even know you have)!

Each and every morning coaching program (that takes up only 3 minutes of your time) provides you with 3 critical tools to help you on your journey to success:

  • Simple activities: that will help you stop the (currently unnoticed) drift that takes you further away from your goals.  Once you overcome this, the ability to stay focused and on-track becomes so much easier to do.
  • Specific steps and practices: to carry out that will have you moving ever-closer towards your dream each day.
  • Encouraging and supportive messages: that will help you push past those fears and obstacles that are preventing you achieving your goals. These allow you to live with a sense of possibility, rather than being limited by your circumstances.

In addition, you receive Mary’s video course – ‘Harnessing The 12 Universal Laws of success’ – to work through at your own pace and duration.

The daily coaching videos of My Morning Mentor have helped thousands towards reaching their dreams.  Each is filled with exactly what you need to start the day in a truly positive and pro-active manner.

  • A constant source of encouragement to reduce fear, doubt, and worry.
  • Filled with inspiration and action steps.
  • Daily practices to overcome scarcity thinking and align yourself with abundance
  • Daily spiritual tools that will assist you in living your best possible life.

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Who on earth is Mary Morrissey?

mary morrissey my morning mentorSo, as mentioned above, Morrissey is a global name in the field of life coaching, teaching, public speaking, and mentorship.  She’s being successfully doing all those things for the last four decades.  In addition, she has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and an honorary degree in Humane Letters.  Oh – and she’s also an ordained minister.

More importantly, for those thinking of purchasing My Morning Mentor, Mary has already proven her ability of imparting her knowledge to others in the best-selling books, ‘No Less Than Greatness’, ‘The Miracle Minute’, and ‘Building Your Field Of Dreams’.

Who is My Morning Mentor for?

The marketing behind My Morning Mentor is aiming at those who’ve ‘plateaued’ in life.  In other words, are probably fairly successful – you know, have a family, life, job etc. etc. but have never really achieved what they consider to be their dream.  And sure – we think that My Morning Mentor is really going to appeal to people in this situation (and could well be life changing – because hey, there’s no age or time of life that you should ever simply give up an accept that you can’t improve).

But on the flip side, we think they’re missing a trick here.  Because there’s a whole bunch of folk out there who aren’t in that ‘middle age’ period of life.  Instead, you might well just be at the beginning of your career, and want to give your chances of being super successful the very best chance possible.  Learning these life-affirming methods at the earliest stage possible can only be a massive positive.  After all, the sooner you start heading for and reaching your goals, the sooner you can decide on new and even more life changing ones!

The Pros and Cons of My Morning Mentor

The Pros

  • The coaching sessions are both fun and easy to follow. It’s a fabulous way to start your morning, and will put you in the best frame of mind possible to being each and every day in a truly positive frame of mind.
  • Can easily be fitted into even the busiest of lifestyles – you only need to commit to a measly 3 minutes per day.
  • The option to pay in a lump sum or to split the cost into small monthly payments.
  • Fast results: you’ll begin to see small changes within a few days of beginning the mentorship program.

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The Cons

  • money-back-guaranteeThe main ‘con’ is that if you’re wondering why your life has seemed to ‘plateau’, and that you’ve never achieved those dreamed of goals, it might be hard to hear that it’s actually ‘you’ that’s sabotaging your chances. But surely it’s worth getting over that little bit of ego if it means that you can honestly get to where you want to be?
  • This is something ongoing, you won’t be “fixed” overnight or in a week, which for some people is a con…but come on people, change takes consistent action over time.

The Bottom Line – Our Rating: 

Well, we have to say that we don’t like being proven wrong.  But we’re man enough to admit when it happens, because Morrissey’s My Morning Mentor really is different – it actually provides what it promises to, and we can now understand why she’s the ‘go-to’ person for lifestyle coaching.

Mary certainly knows her stuff.  And she knows how to get the information across succinctly and in a way that’s easy to digest.  If you’re looking for an easy way to discover your full potential, then you could do far worse than to sign up to Mary Morrissey’s My Morning Mentor.  You’ll soon wonder how you ever begun your day without it…

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