Some Modern Trends That You Need To Incorporate Into Your Squeeze Pages

Squeeze PagesThe squeeze page is an important part of the overall sales funnel, because without an effective one you will be seriously reducing the number of prospects which will be entering your sales funnel. The point of a squeeze page is to offer a potential customer something in return for their e-mail address. However, with so many squeeze pages out there looking near enough identical viewers can get a little bit desensitized. Therefore, you need to incorporate some features into your squeeze pages so that the visitors take more notice of what you are offering.

Mobile Friendly Squeeze Pages

As the percentage of people accessing the internet via mobile phones increases the importance of having squeeze pages optimized for mobiles also increases. Imagine if one of your potential clients came across your squeeze page on their phone and couldn’t make sense of what was going on simply because of how the page loaded on their mobile. They may simply leave out of frustration and you would have lost a potential customer. However, by optimizing your squeeze pages for mobiles you will avoid this problem, and it doesn’t cost as much money as you might think to do this as an EZ Lead Capture expert suggests:

This mobile trend doesn’t mean you need to rush out and spend mega-bucks having some flashy custom mobile squeeze page designed either. If you start with the right squeeze page builder to begin with, they will already provide squeeze page designs that are sized appropriately to render on mobile.

A mobile friendly squeeze page means that you need to increase the size of the font, reduce the size of the images and make the messages simpler. By doing that, users will quickly be able to deduce what the page is about, and decide whether or not it is worth handing over their emails for your lead magnet.

Incorporate SEO Into Your Squeeze Pages

The copy written on squeeze pages needs to be written in a way where almost every word is strategically chosen to convey some emotion and urgency so that a casual visitor can turn into a serious follower. This means considering keywords for SEO purposes can seriously mess up the quality of the copy. However, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect SEO altogether. You can still include the odd keyword if it makes sense to do so, and you could focus on other aspects such as optimizing the Alt tags.

Traditionally, squeeze pages don’t rank well because they are built for one purpose – to capture e-mail addresses. However, if you can also view them as traffic gathering pages then they will bring even more value to the table.

Reduce The Information You Ask For

To have a successful e-mail marketing campaign you only need one thing from your prospects and that is their e-mail addresses, nothing else. Yet many squeeze pages out there ask for other information such as the first name, last name and even request you to put in the e-mail addresses of friends who might like to sign up. This is counterproductive because it might make the prospect think that you are trying to gather information about them that you will use in the future to bombard them with offers as a writer from Kiss Metrics suggests:

So once again you are drawing attention to the fact that you’re harvesting his details. Add to that the fact that even two fields (name and email) is twice as many as one, and therefore represents twice as much friction-and thus potentially half the conversion rate.

In the case of e-mail capture forms, less is more, so ask only for the e-mail address and you might see an increase in conversions.

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