Mistakes To Avoid When Publishing Kindle Books

Kindle BooksAre you interested in making some money as a Kindle book publisher but aren’t sure about how to avoid making some serious mistakes that will reduce your chances of becoming successful? As with any venture, there are pitfalls that must be avoided, and in doing so the learning curve that you will experience will be much shorter than it needs to be. So for some mistakes that you should avoid with your Kindle book publishing venture read on.

Not Giving Enough Attention to the Cover and Title

The saying “never judge a book by its cover” means well, but in reality it is rather hard to do. There are thousands of books to choose from and skim reading through them all just isn’t an option. As a result, there is a tendency for people to only skim read a few pages of a book once they have been intrigued by the title and the cover. Therefore, you must give a lot of attention to your title and cover when creating your Kindle book. For you cover, if you don’t have any graphic skills then you must get that job outsourced to a professional. The investment that you make will be well worth it when it increases your sales. An expert from The Creative Penn suggests the importance of the title and cover of a Kindle book cannot be ignored:

I browse the new releases on Kindle every week, checking out the cover and titles first. Then I click through and download a sample if I like the look of it. So cover and title are still as important as they are on traditional bookshelves.

Not Being Focused on a Niche

A lot of sales can be driven by your reputation. However, if you pick a very big market such as fitness, or weight loss then it can be very hard to make a name for yourself due to the fierce competition that you will meet. A better approach is to pick a sub category of such markets. For example, you could go with marathon running, and that is a corner of the Kindle publishing world that you might be able to dominate given enough time. PC Pro states the importance of picking a niche:

When choosing a topic for your book, find a niche that’s large enough to generate sufficient sales, while still small enough that you can dominate it.

You can identify such niches by looking at what you might want to write about, things that you are passionate about, and then do some research for related keywords using a keyword tool. You will uncover all sorts of ideas, and then it is just a matter of looking at what is already on Kindle so that you can assess the competition.

Not Promoting in the Beginning

Without the adequate exposure for your first couple of books, you might not be very successful. After you have a following and a reputation then you can rely on that to get you sales, but in the beginning it is important to make an effort to promote you books. To start off, you can get a couple of reviews for your books, and an expert from Michael Hyatt suggests how:

Before the book’s release, send the book to friends, family, and followers online who would be willing to leave a review.

Once these reviews are completed, spread them out to as many places as possible such as relevant forums and social media sites. If your books are truly good then once people read them they will out of their own enthusiasm create their own reviews and that will allow your book to go viral.

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