Life Makeover Coaching Review – How’s T Harv Eker’s Program?

A Few Hundred Bucks To ‘Uplevel’ Your Life…? Why On Earth Is T. Harv Eker Doing The Hard Sell For His Latest Life Coaching Program…? And Is It Really Any Different From His Past Offerings, Or, Let’s Be Honest, From Anyone Else’s Life Coaching Products…?

life makeover coaching reviewSo you think you need a life coach…? OK, many of us do. But have you seen how much they cost…? Wow – for most of us signing up with a person to teach us how to improve our lives is something that’s simply not affordable.

Cue T. Harv Eker, and his online coaching services. From the outset they look pretty appealing – and the Life Makeover Coaching service is one such example. The cost is way, way lower than hiring someone on a personal level – in fact, at a few hundred bucks four times a year, it comes in as affordable for many of us.

But… And here’s the 64 million dollar question… Is it really worth the money? Well, there was only one way for us to find out. And that was to jump in headfirst and discover for ourselves. So if you’re considering buying into the Life Makeover Coaching service, then be sure to read what we found out. Because it might just change your mind as to whether you want in or not…OR if you have your mind made up already, just click here now.

What do you get for your money with Life Makeover Coaching?

OK, so Life Makeover Coaching is all about providing you with a consistent way to always keep driving towards your goals. The thing with other, similar seeming, programs is that they pick you up, get you started, and then drop you – leaving you to continue working it our on your own. And human nature being what it is, we all tend to slip back into our old ways of doing things.

Life Makeover Coaching is an ongoing product that ensures that you’ve always got your personal life coach to keep you on track. And it’s on offer to those who’ve already completed the Life Makeover System to complement and assist you to continue on the right track.

So let’s take a look at what you get when you join up:

  • Your weekly personal coaching call: This is an hour long call where you’ll work on reviewing one of your personal goals. You’ll be using the unique Life Makeover System that you already learned during Life Makeover, and commit to carrying out three very doable actions in the upcoming week. You’ll work on your top priority, without neglecting the other important areas of your life (a common mistake for so many of us).
  • Commit to priority and balance: To this end, you’ll work on an alternating week system. One week for a priority category, the next on a balance category. This way your life coach will help you keep your whole existence in balance and harmony.
  • Four months membership to the Tough Love Mentoring program: A group coaching program with T. Harv Eker himself. Once a month you join a 90 minute group call where Eker will work with you one-on-one to strategically work through a particular challenge you might have. His goal in the call is to move you from problem to solution in the fastest time possible. Hence no flowery language or OTT ‘love’. This is why it’s called the Tough Love program.
  • Choices of different coaching call times: So you can easily fit them into your schedule.
  • Feedback and Q&A sessions: These will ensure that you’re picking the right strategies and actions to accomplish your weekly goals.
  • The Life Makeover private Facebook group: A great additional way to interact with other life coaching winners in life in this private group. Membership is currently standing at well over 2,000 members, and growing on a daily basis.

Who is Life Makeover Coaching for?

Well, this is a further offering for those who’ve already completed the short Life Makeover System. And although it’s certainly not compulsory to sign up, it really does make sense as you’ve already heavily invested into your own ‘best life’ strategy. So why wouldn’t you want to continue the good work?

Let’s face it, we all know that given half the chance, we slip back into our former bad habits. So having an ongoing life coach via Life Makeover Coaching really does ensure that we stay on the right track towards our ultimate happiness and achievements.

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Who the heck is T. Harv Eker?

t harv eker liife makeover coachingWell, the guy certainly needs no introduction. He’s one of the world’s leading life coaches, with his reach extending to every single continent on the planet. He’s the author of the amazing, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, he’s the founder of one of the best personal development companies in America – Peak Potentials – and he’s the creator of some amazing online courses that have helped people around the globe.

The Pros and Cons of Life Makeover Coaching

The Pros

  • An ongoing and affordable personal life coach that’ll ensure you keep working towards your goals, plus helping you to overcome any challenges that life sees fit to throw at you along the way.
  • The coaching calls can be scheduled to fit in at a time convenient to you.
  • The cost is way, way lower than it would be to hire a regular life coach. Plus you know you’re getting the expertise from one of the world’s leaders in this field, T. Harv Eker.
  • You get a 15 day ‘trial period’, where you can participate in many calls to check out if Life Makeover Coaching is for you. If you don’t like it, you simply let the customer service team know, and you get every red cent of your purchase price back.

The Conslife makeover coaching guarantee

  • Well, we have to say that the advertising for Life Makeover Coaching is a little bit ‘hard sell’. And we’re surprised at that, because Eker’s products normally sell themselves, and don’t need to use the guilt trip approach. But hey… Maybe they got a new copywriter, or perhaps they’re trying a different approach. It doesn’t take away from how good the product is (because it’s great), but it does leave us with a slightly sour taste, as we don’t think it needs to have such a hard line advertising approach.

The Bottom Line

Listen up… For anyone looking to take on a life coach (and let’s be honest, most of us could do with one, couldn’t we?), then Life Makeover Coaching is a pretty awesome way to get hands on with one of the world’s very best. T. Harv Eker is, in a nutshell, a legend. And for the low price that Life Makeover Coaching is on offer for right now…? Well, we’ve got to say that it’s a steal…!

We’ve been totally blown away by the quality of the coaching calls, and we also love the fact that you get four free months to try out the Tough Love Coaching as well. If you want to win at life, then T. Harv Eker’s Life Makeover Coaching really could be your partner in crime (so to speak). It’s a great product, at a great price. And it certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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