Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: What You Need to Know

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Knowledge Business Blueprint is a rather unique product that’s been created by three of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent history. It’s a combined information and software product dedicated to the art of self-education, education of others, and wealth creation.

This report has been compiled following in-depth research into exactly what’s on offer, how it works, and comparing it with similar products. The findings are completely non-biased, and cover both the positive and negative aspects. This can then be used by potential buyers to assist in deciding whether or not the product might be a viable purchase for their individual needs.

So, what exactly is Knowledge Business Blueprint?

Knowledge Business Blueprint

Knowledge Business Blueprint is a product that is purporting to show anyone how to get involved in a multi-million dollar industry that most people aren’t even aware exists. It’s called Mastermind, and is all about sharing a skill, knowledge, or passion that you have with others, and monetizing it. Even if you don’t have your own skill, you can package up someone else’s and use that.

Currently this ‘secret’ industry is worth around $129 million dollars, and it’s growing. In fact, many in the know say that this is the fastest growing industry in the world right now.

The idea behind Knowledge Business Blueprint (or simply, KBB) is to provide you with an easy method to gain inside knowledge as to how you can profit from this phenomenon, and then to automate the process.

Watch this video by Dean to learn more.

What do you get for your money?

The product is made up of two aspects, the Knowledge Business Blueprint Course, and the MindMint Software.

First, the educational portion, the Knowledge Business Blueprint Course, which is broken down into four modules:

  • Module 1: Extract It – As with all good courses, the first part concentrates on laying your root foundations. 
  • Discover the proven secrets of success in how to host a successful Mastermind and how to scale your expectations. 
  • Take advantage of a wonderful “Story, Teach, Tool” model that will easily help you create your perfect Mastermind, and how to set up your own toolbox of what you’re going to need on a day to day basis. 
  • Last but not least, learn (with the help of the MindMint software) how to bring together the perfect event agenda.
  • Module 2: Fill It – With the solid foundations laid, this module moves into the simple steps to marketing expertise, the philosophy of successfully marketing an event, and the all-important sales framework. 
  • There’s an Event Funnel Blueprint, advice on good and bad sales pages, and what you should be charging your delegates. 
  • The Marketing Wagon Wheel moves into the platforms and social media scenarios, and then takes advantage of utilizing many pre-built and proven webpages on which to model your event. 
  • Then it’s time to move onto the launch secrets that, once again, have been honed over past decades, so you can be confident in launching your event the right way
  • Module 3: Run It – Discover the perfect Mastermind Formula, the psychology behind running an event, and the bespoke blueprint for your particular one
  • Learn how to create and utilize checklists for both Virtual Events and In-Person Events. All the logistics, what to print, what day and time to run, attendee comms… Everything you need to make sure every aspect of your Mastermind event is covered.
  • The entire Mastermind event process broken down into a simple to follow, step-by-step process
  • Module 4: Knowledge Broker – For those who want to create a business and Mastermind someone else’s knowledge, this module covers all that’s needed to know, and is the exact same model that’s been used by some of the greatest entrepreneurs in history to make their own substantial business incomes.

The second part of the product is the MindMint Software. This is a specifically created computer program that is used to create your bespoke event (either virtual or physical) and then to automate the process.

  • The Event Builder gives you the structure necessary for your Mastermind event. Easy to follow formula means it’s simple to build an event from scratch
  • The Wisdom Extractor cuts the time spent to build an event to a mere 15 minutes, thanks to unique drag and drop visual capabilities
  • The Website Builder provides you with all your marketing needs, such as pre-build pages, emails and sales funnels
  • Consolidate payments into one easy system. Design, accept, and fulfil with a single system.
  • A bespoke CRM to track customers and sales
  • Pre-designed checklists are pre-loaded, and have options for both virtual and in-person events
  • Integrations allow you to easily automate and integrate with more than 1300 applications and websites.

2 Huge Knowledge Business Blueprint Bonuses

New Knowledge Business Blueprint Bonuses

Who’s behind Knowledge Business Blueprint and why should I take notice of them?

KBB is the brainchild of three of the most renowned entrepreneurs and marketers around right now. They are:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Dean Graziosi
  • Russell Brunson

Robbins is one of the hottest names in educators and success coaches in the world right now. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to hear his words when he takes to the stage. He’s the author of countless books, a philanthropist, and life coach. He leads the way in powerful self-transformation, and is a true strategist for success.

Dean Graziosi is the epitome of what it is to be an entrepreneur. He boasts billions of dollars of sales in multiple 9 figure companies, and has written many books that have hit the NYT best-seller list. He’s an American investor who’s the creator of Motor Millions and Think A Little Different, business opportunity infomercials that teach how to make money from motor vehicles and real estate, and he’s one of the most sought after motivation trainers in the world.

Brunson probably needs no introduction. He created Click Funnels, a company through which many other like-minded entrepreneurs have also made their own success stories. He’s built an impressive following over the last decade, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his success books, and brought the concept of sales funnels to the mainstream. His company, Click Funnels, is now the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world.

Who is this for?

Knowledge Business Blueprint will appeal to entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve or start along the path of drawing their own income. If you have a following, or are working on creating one, then hosting Mastermind events is something that could well appeal.

One important aspect to understand about this little known industry is that you don’t need to be an expert in a subject to host such an event. This does not involve you standing in front of people (or virtually in front of them) and teaching or coaching. Masterminding is a gathering of individuals that are connected by an interest in a cause, subject, or idea, and then exchange ideas. You absolutely do not have to be an expert on a subject to host a Mastermind, and this is why it’s such an opportunity for entrepreneurs.

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Does Business Knowledge Blueprint offer value for money? 

This is a rather challenging point to clarify, as most people will quantify value for money with the amount of profit they make. Right now it’s difficult to assess, because the concept is so new. However, when it comes to looking at what you get for your money, there’s a huge amount of content. Even if you look at the MindMint software in isolation, this is a hefty tool, and one that can be used in many different ways.

If you consider the Knowledge Blueprint Business course, then to get education from three of the world’s most successful educators and entrepreneurs of this level is incredibly valuable. Put the two products together, and we have to conclude that the complete product does offer excellent value for money.

How does it compare to other similar products?

There is nothing else on the market to compare it with. Knowledge Business Blueprint is unique right now (although it’s fairly guaranteed that copycat products will follow at some point).

What if I get it and don’t like it?

There is no information currently available about refunds. 

The good points

  • A unique product, there is nothing else like it on the market today.
  • Provides an insider opportunity to make a substantial income from a fast growing industry, and to do so before most people have even become aware that it exists
  • Contains the knowledge and know-how of three of the most successful influencers and entrepreneurs of modern times
  • Very simple to follow, and the educational portion is presented in an enjoyable and engaging manner
  • Provides you with a complete service to learn how to improve your own knowledge, impart it to others, and then market it to create what could amount to a very satisfying income. The software portion then automates the whole marketing process.
  • If you don’t have your own passion or skill that you feel you could market, Knowledge Business Blueprint shows you how you can utilize the expertise of others and package that to become a ‘knowledge broker’.

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The bad points

  • The advertising is rather overwhelming. There are many promises being made, but on first reading and listening, what you actually receive for your money is not made clear.
  • There’s a lot of talk about the huge amount of money to be made using this process. However, as with any industry, sales spiel talks about the very pinnacle of what’s available. Be aware that this is by no means guaranteed to create you a million dollar business model

In summary

Knowledge Business Blueprint is a combined education and software product that taps into the burgeoning industry of Mastermind. These are virtual or in-person events where people gather, all intent on discussing a common cause. You don’t need to be an expert to host one, just passionate about a subject. And Knowledge Business Blueprint shows you the proven ways to do this.

The software is called MindMint, and contains a large amount of pre-written templates, and drag and drop customization software for you to create bespoke events. The product has been put together by three of the most successful entrepreneurs, life coaches, and educators in the world today, utilizing their combined proven techniques to create Knowledge Business Blueprint.

The marketing is excellent. But fails to really describe what’s involved in the process of Masterminding. This adds to the mystery and is definitely a hook to draw you in—something to be expected from such experienced marketers.

Hosting Masterminds is a fast growing industry, and one that will appeal to entrepreneurs. There is nothing else like it on the market today. For anyone who wants to get quality information and instruction on how to get into this multi-million dollar industry before the masses, then Knowledge Business Blueprint is well worth your consideration.

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