Inbox Blueprint Review – Is Anik Singal’s Program Good?

Oh No!  Not Another Training Program For Internet Marketers…  Can Anik Singal’s Offering Really Provide You With Anything You Don’t Already Know (Or Can Google For Free…?)

Inbox Blueprint ReviewThe Internet.  It’s a fabulous place, isn’t it.  And offers every single one of us the chance to truly give up our J.O.B. and become our own boss.  But if you’re looking for a bit of help along the way, it can be a challenge to find a product that honestly gives you the leg up you need to success.  So when we came across Inbox Blueprint by self made Internet millionaire, Anik Singal, we have to say that the cynical part of us wondered if this was simply another crappy product that’s only aim was to make him that little bit richer.

Cue us getting down and dirty with exactly what the training program’s about, and whether it really is worth the paper (or web pages) it’s written on.

Below is exactly what we discovered.  And we have to say, it certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Inbox Blueprint?

Okay, so what Inbox Blueprint is all about, is providing you with what it calls is a virtually foolproof system to set up and run successful email marketing campaigns.  It’s certainly got the online world talking and has received widespread media attention.

What you get when you sign up includes the following – all set up in an easy to follow 15 week course that includes:

  • Promotional techniques: and not just the old and tired methods that you can get for free with any clever online search.
  • Embrace the power of social media: and take advantage of making revenue through YouTube, or Click Bank.
  • Video training: that teaches you about the core necessities of Internet Marketing.  These include how to write truly effective sales letters and squeeze pages that actually get traffic converting into sales (and that, dear friend, is the crux of the matter…  It’s all about those conversions, don’t you know).
  • Squeeze page software: a natty little tool that creates an outstanding squeeze page for you, with virtually no effort on your behalf.  It’s these little babies that give you those all important email addresses to which you can then directly market.
  • Watch over the shoulder training: provided by Anik himself to a handful of (so far unsuccessful) Internet Marketers.  Here you can see exactly how he explains what they should do – for their individual businesses – and how quickly it works.  And not only are the results nothing short of miraculous, it’s a cinch to take this information and apply it to your own business.

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Who is Inbox Blueprint for?

One of the best things about Inbox Blueprint is that it doesn’t matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you might be in the world of Internet Marketing.  And that’s because of the way the course is presented – literally step-by-step and in a totally non-intimidating manner.

Not only that, but you don’t need to dedicate hours of your life to learn how to do it.  If you want to learn the way to get your businesses message right into your current and future customers inboxes, and therefore start making the profits you know you deserve, then this is the platform that can show you exactly how to do this – and then some…!

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Who is Anik Singal?

Anik SingalAnik, it has to be said, could easily be described as an Internet Marketing whizz kid.  He made millions of dollars when he first set up his online business some 11 years ago.  But – and this is the most important part of his knowledge – he also managed to fail spectacularly a little while later and lost most (if not all and more) of what he’d earned.  And it’s this that makes him so good at what he does now.

Because it’s only by learning the good and bad of a business that makes you an expert.  He’s seen Internet Marketing in the spectacular, and in the worst-case scenario.  But instead of allowing himself to be beaten by his mistakes, he took this experience and learned from it.  And boy, did he learn good.  He’s now built himself back up, and is probably one of the most successful and well-respected guys in the business – all thanks to learning from both sides of the coin.  He’s certainly earned his reputation as a ‘thought leader’ in the world of email space marketing.

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The Pros

  • The information provided in Inbox Blueprint is extremely user friendly.  And because of this, it works just as well for the rookie Internet Marketer as it does for those who’ve already got a few miles on the clock.
  • You don’t need to be a techno whizz kid to be able to learn and follow the techniques that are taught in Inbox Blueprint.  He breaks this complex subject down into easy, bite-sized pieces that anyone can understand.
  • This is on the edge, totally current information.  As any Internet Marketer knows, it’s crucial in this business to be ahead of the trends – you have to adapt or you die a very painful (and fast) death in the online world.  And Inbox Blueprint is about as up to date as you can get with regards to email marketing in 2014.
  • The results from following this ABC course in marketing are super fast.  In fact, you can expect to see fruition from your labors in less than 24 hours…
  • Once you’ve got your business set up, you can truly make a ‘passive income’ utilizing some of the cleverest techniques in Internet Marketing that are available today.  Yep – you truly can make money whilst you sleep.

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