Facebook Marketing Tips For Better Engagement

Facebook MarketingWith updates being made to Facebook all the time, even the most seasoned users need to brush up on their skills. Here are the latest tips for Facebook marketing and how to cope with Edge Rank.

Setting Wall Posting Preferences

A responsible part of online reputation management is controlling what people can say about you publicly. In an ideal world, everyone would only have positive feedback to share about your brand but sometimes people like to vent on social media channels – and they might not share the kind of information you want your other supporters to see. Facebook gives you the option of controlling what can be posted on your wall and by whom. Go into the Posting Ability section in Settings to adjust this.

Get To Grips With Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights give you valuable information about what your fans actually like and want to see more of. You can use the information to create content that is more effective and engaging, instead of just conceptualizing and hoping for the best:

Since Facebook is always messing with EdgeRank, it can seem like just when you have figured out the formula for engagement, something changes. Checking Insights will help you stay on track, no matter what algorithmic changes Facebook throws your way.

Broaden Your Networking Capabilities

Facebook also gives you the option of surfing as a Page instead of yourself. The benefit of this is that you can see all the updates of pages you have liked and networks you belong to. You can share, comment or like other updates as your Page and build your reputation by contributing to the online community.

Understand The Difference Of Mobile Vs Screen

Do yourself a favor and go through the exercise of viewing your page on a mobile device and on a computer screen. Note the differences in display and then consider that there are probably more people looking at your page through smart devices these days than there are computer-users. And more importantly:

In the “Public” view, the Facebook mobile summary doesn’t show your complete Timeline. To highlight your content, it’s important to always have a pinned post. This post will be featured first.

Don’t Try and Buy Databases

Buying leads will not get you very far. In fact it could actually be detrimental to your social media marketing efforts, as HubSpot explains:

If you want to grow an engaged audience that might eventually convert, buying Fans and Followers will actually harm your brand. Facebook will see that your percentage of your Fans engaging with your posts is suddenly way lower… and might not include your next update in your Fans’ feed. Before you know it, this “trick” could end up shooting your marketing in its proverbial foot.

There are lots of fans and followers for sale, which only really make the numbers look bigger. If you do buy databases you can expect random (sometimes senseless) comments to be posted and low engagement levels, because there is no real interest in your product or service.

Don’t Overdo Social Media “Tricks”

There are a number of practices that should be avoided when posting: linking in the comments, tagging people randomly and over-tagging major brands to try and tap into their networks will not get you very far. It might inflate your own stats for a bit but you aren’t going to see great conversions because your leads are not qualified enough. The same goes for hashtags. Since we have seen the introduction of EdgeRank it has been noted that hashtags actually have a lesser viral reach.

Put your energy and effort instead into tailoring content that your prospective audience actually wants to read. Make it thought provoking (or humorous) and ensure it is accompanied by attractive graphics. Post it when you know your audience is most active and responsive and be available to moderate and reply to comments and feedback.

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