Elements Of A Squeeze Page You Must Get Creative With

Building a squeeze page is all about combining the different parts into one coherent page that gets the user to do one thing: fill out the e-mail opt in form. This is easier said than done, because internet surfers might visit squeeze pages on a regular basis, and if yours looks like the rest of them, then your conversion rate will plummet. Standing out from the crowd is one of the most important things your squeeze page must do.

How To Create A Unique Squeeze Page

Creating a unique squeeze page is easier than you might think. There are a lot of elements to play around with, and you just need to combine them in a way that has not been done before. In a lot of cases, to create a new squeeze page all you need to do is shoot an original video. Create a personalized one where you actually show your face so that the potential subscribers get to see who is behind the e-mail list that they are considering to sign up for. Just make sure that you start the video off with a bang as John Shawcross from JohnShawcross.com explains:

Within the first 10 seconds, it’s essential to have dialed straight into your audience. If you miss that crucial first 10 seconds, conversions will drop like a stone. So it is essential to hit those psychological pressure points straight away.

Another design element you could include for freshness of content are social media posts. If you have a Facebook profile or fan page related to what you are offering on your squeeze page then insert the user comments feed into the page. Try to keep this feed limited only to the review of what you are offering.

Offer A Unique Giveaway

It is common practice to give something away for free when you ask for the e-mail addresses of your visitors. This giveaway is known as the lead magnet in the online marketing world. The lead magnet could be anything that your audience would find useful, but it needs to offer unique value, something that they cannot get elsewhere for free. For example, if you have an e-mail list about recipes, then you could write an e-book giving away your top ten hamburger recipes, or your top ten soup recipes. The lead magnet needs to be enticing enough to make people want to hand over their e-mail address to you. But it shouldn’t give away your best stuff, keep that for your autoresponder series so that your audience will have something to look forward to. An expert from ConversionXL goes so far as to say that lead magnets are the most important part of a squeeze page:

The speed of your list building depends mostly on the lead magnet. Lousy, unattractive lead magnet = very few sign-ups. Attractive lead magnet = tons of sign-ups. Yes, the design, location and usability of the email capture form all matter, but the lead magnet is what makes the biggest difference.

Remember that the lead magnet is not the e-mail newsletters themselves. You need to offer something extra, such as an e-book or video. It needs to be something they can have straight away, and most importantly is of value to them.

Have Different Versions Of Your Squeeze Page

Those of you who use a wide variety of marketing channels could very well have the same leads visiting your squeeze page several times over. What could happen is that people will notice that they have already visited the same page and instantly click the back button. What you could do to prevent this is to create squeeze pages that rotate periodically, or have a different squeeze pages for each form of marketing that you do. The benefits of having several squeeze pages up and running simultaneously allows you to do some testing to see which design elements can get you a higher conversion rate. Having several squeeze pages doesn’t mean you simply shuffle a few things around. It means creating different elements altogether. For example, one page could be video based, another could be info graphic based and so on.

The Opt In Form

It stands to reason that the opt in form itself needs to be played around with before it is perfected, because after all it is the thing that people will be using to enter their email addresses with. You should try to limit the number of fields that you use. Some marketers only use one field, the e-mail address. In essence it is all you really need. The name field is often used also, but it isn’t as necessary as you might think. People nowadays are savvy enough to understand that when they see their name at the top of an e-mail it is automated.

However, if you are still of the opinion that you need more info than the e-mail address then there is a smart way of going about it, as Megan Marrs from the Wordstream Blog explains:

One smart technique is ask for the bare minimum upfront, but have additional form fields on the following thank you page. They may or may not fill out the added form, but at least you got the email and have more leads as a result.

Furthermore, try to avoid using generic forms that you get with e-mail companies. All of these can be customized anyway so you should take the time to do that. Customizing any element of your squeeze page is important, because it looks cheap when you have a design element which is already being used by many other marketers across many different niches. Remember, the way to get more interest and sales from potential buyers is to come across as an authority in your field, not just another player. The most important aspect of your whole e-mail campaign could be your squeeze page if it isn’t converting very well. So make sure to give it the proper time and attention it deserves by thinking out of the box with the various design elements.

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