Digital U Review – How Is Eben Pagan’s Program?

Build A Course Or Digital Product, From Scratch, And Market It For Real Profit…? Even If You Have Absolutely No Experience In Doing So…? Sounds Great, Doesn’t It…? You’re Going To Be Rich…! Well, Guys And Gals, Sorry To Rain On Your Parade…

digital u review… But you might need to take a moment to discover exactly what you’re signing up for when you buy into Digital U. Because, let’s be serious for a moment. Can Digital U, and its creator, Eben Pagan, really provide what you need to create an online course or product, and genuinely draw cash from it, by simply following a ‘system?’

Well, we can’t deny that the guy’s a big gun when it comes to online money making and opportunity. So of course, this made us curious as to what the Digital U product really offered. And the only way for us to find out was to dig deep – really deep….

Below is what we discovered. So if you’re thinking of sending the man your hard earned cash, then you NEED to read what we found out. Because, let’s face it, the last thing you need is to buy into a product that’s only designed to part you with your cash. And as the old saying goes, it really is a case of, ‘buyer beware…’

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What do you get for your money?

OK, so the Digital U system is a series of tools and exercise that will take you by the hand and lead you through the process of building a digital product or online course. Then it will help you build a marketing system to successfully sell it. The system is divided into 12 sections, each offering exercises, tools, and a truly in-depth video tutorial and training lesson. There are also live coaching classes that take place every couple of weeks.

These live classes break down like this:

  • Module 1- Orientation Fast Start: Includes a live overview of the complete Digital U system, and detailed instruction on how and when to use each of the components. Discover the important mindset you’ll need to draw on, and how to get the most of the training in the short term and further into the future.
  • Module 2 – Targeting Your Niche: Find out how to discover the very best niche for creating your online course. This could be a product, training course, or a digital product that will literally sell itself. This section concentrates on showing you how to become a market leader, to literally dismiss your competition, and to be super-focused through the whole process of building your product AND creating your successful marketing plan.
  • Module 3 – Creating your Online Course: With the groundwork complete, it’s now time to get started on your product. Here you get to understand and utilize 7 powerful frameworks that’ll make a truly quality course for your customers. You also learn about the importance of creating the right name for your course to further increase its success.
  • Module 4 – Building Your Marketing: Learn how to ethically get customers knocking on your virtual door, thanks to using the Digital U proven marketing templates. Find out the unique method of turning your personal story and experiences into spellbinding marketing material.
  • Module 5 – Launching Your Online Course: Discover Eben Pagan’s proven technique that will bring you hordes of traffic. Find out the simple ways to get others desperate to promote your product and launch, as well as turning your leads into real, paying customers.
  • Module 6 – Email Mastery: Your follow up email sequence is vital for success. Here you get Pagan’s proven, highest converting templates that you can easily customize for your own use. In addition, you’ll get some incredible techniques and advice that’ll make the whole process fast, effective, and great fun to do…!

There’s also a whole lot more on offer, with some bonus material and tools included. These are called, Wake Up Productive (needs no explanation), Marketing Step-by-Step (ditto), and Tech Tools Trainings – a great product that will walk you through how to set up your online tools to automate your complete online business. There’s also two other courses included. These are, Advanced Digital Product Creation, and Traffic Intensive Training.

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Who is it for?

Digital U is ideal for any entrepreneur who’s looking to draw a very real profit online. It works for the rookie as well as it does for the more experienced person, thanks to the walk-you-through method in which the course is presented. For anyone who’s already struggling to make the money they know is possible to draw, then Digital U could make the difference between small profits, and ones that are truly life changing…!

This is a course for anyone who wants to truly up the ante as to their chances of making a very real profit online. It’s easy to follow, and truly enjoyable to boot. As long as you can turn on a computer, then you have the ability to easily follow the course and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Who the heck is Eben Pagan?

Pagan is actually a technology investor by trade. But the best word to describe him would be, ‘entrepreneur’. And he truly is an amazing example of this. He’s spent thousands (and we mean thousands) of hours studying the science of opportunity. If there was ever anyone in the world who knows how to make change and opportunity pay, then this is the guy. If you’re looking to make a career online – in any sphere and with any product – then Pagan is probably one of the best people out there qualified to show you how to do it.

In short, he’s dedicated his life to developing and proving the very best techniques for business, marketing, and creating personal wealth. And with Digital U he can show you the exact path to follow to make your own profits – and, dare we say it, riches…!

The Pros

  • This is a complete course in not only building your online product, but in how to successfully market it as well.
  • Fun and easy to follow.
  • Provides true information as to how to further grow your success as time goes by.
  • The option to pay in installments if you don’t want to pay the complete price upfront.

The Cons

  • The course is pretty time intensive. You will need to dedicate a good portion of your week to following the lessons, videos, exercises, and training. However, it’s been cleverly put together in a manner that’s truly enjoyable to follow, not to mention knowing that you’re very soon going to be raking in the profits.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we’re truly amazed…! We were convinced that Digital U was simply going to be another of those packaged products that really didn’t offer anything more than you can find out yourself online for free… But we were very (very!) wrong.

This is a course truly targeted at helping you utilize very proven methods of creating a top quality digital product and the skills you need to successfully market it. But more than that, it provides you with the necessary transformational shift needed to become way, way more than the average person who attempts to make a living online. If you truly want to understand the way to incorporate digital products into whatever it is you do, then Digital U gives you a done-for-you road to follow to do just that. It’s a top-level educational course, and one that we can highly recommend…

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