ConversionFly Review – Is Todd Brown’s Program worth it?

Another ‘Amazing’ Product That Will See Your Conversion Rate Go Through The Roof – With Very Little Effort On Your Behalf…!  Hmmm, We’re Going To Take Some Convincing… 

The thing is, when it comes to Internet Marketing, it’s not only being up with the game that will make you money, but it’s all about being AHEAD of the game.  So when we came across Todd Brown’s, ConversionFly – a product that’s being touted as a ‘mathematical marketer’, we have to admit that we were immediately cynical.  After all – aren’t these clever products that hit the market with all bells and whistles usually provided to us lesser mortals AFTER they’ve made their innovators mucho dollars?

So, there was nothing else for us to do but to get down and dirty with exactly what Conversion Fly is all about.  And in doing so, we found out a whole lot of stuff that for us (and likely for you) is verrrryyy interesting…  Read on to discover the real juicy stuff about Mr. Brown’s promises…

What do you get for your money with ConversionFly?

Okay, so Conversion Fly is, in a nutshell, an Internet Marketer’s tracking, reporting, and optimization tool.  In other words, it tracks all elements of the marketing funnel at every stage of the campaign.  Not only this, but it reports tracks and optimizes at the same time, allowing you to easily see every slight change in traffic, every result from advertising, and every conversion made – all in real time.

Some of the special features included are:

  • Cross-Platform Tracking:  ConversionFly tracks across every platform, from desktop to mobile, cell to tablet – it’s there.  And this is crucial, simply because the amount of traffic that now comes from mobile devices is increasing like crazy – almost on a daily basis.
  • Source Split Testing:  On an individual basis.  The program allows you to break down your split tests to different stages of an individual funnel.  What this then allows you to do is to truly optimize those single funnels to make the most of all its traffic and leads.
  • Organic Traffic and ROI Reports:  Does exactly as it says on the tin…!  The program tracks every single source of traffic: from your homepage to blog, videos to articles…
  • Speed Analysis:  This amazing feature give you the ability to see exactly the amount of time it takes you to get back every red cent of your advertising spend.  In other words, how long it takes you to move into that all-important point of profit…
  • Funnel Jump Reports:  Because, sometimes traffic doesn’t buy from your primary funnels, or even your secondary…  Conversion Fly will show you exactly how much additional revenue is sourced from a particular funnel, even if someone purchases from a different funnel or offer.
  • Lifetime Customer Tracking:  Yep – you get data that shows you how much every single customer is worth to you…  This allows you to understand which ads, campaigns, and traffic sources are the most valuable to you.

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Who is ConversionFly for?

Well, if you want to be successful as an Internet Marketer, you need to have the very best of data.  And ConversionFly can give you just that.  The thing is, this is a truly simple way of finding out the numbers IN REAL TIME, and from every source.  So whether you’re a grizzled old-timer or you’re just dipping your toe into the water of IM, this tool gives you information you simply have to have in order to make real profits…

Who the heck is Todd Brown?

Todd is considered by many to be the authority on engineering high conversion customer acquisition marketing funnels.  This guy has been in IM for, like, forever, and to be honest, he’s one of the best out there…  One of the great things about Todd is his no bull approach to making money online.  He truly understands what a fluid and dynamic world this is, and is constantly giving out the information you need to give the best possible chance of making a real and sustained income from the marvel of the World Wide Web.

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The Pros and Cons of ConversionFly

The Pros

  • ConversionFly can be used across all platforms without it costing you a fortune.  It’s the first such product available on the market to do so, and works well at a price that’s affordable.
  • The tool can truly cut down your workload in gaining all the vital figures you need to know in order to assess where you move next with your marketing.  It’s this scientific approach that allows you to optimize all your marketing campaigns and sales funnels without having to resort to guesswork.
  • The information you get from Conversion Fly is 100% accurate, allowing you to track every single piece of your marketing activity.
  • It’s fast, and in real time.  And the program will tell you when any little change takes place, so you can adjust your marketing plans accordingly.

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The Cons

  • Okay, so what Conversion Fly doesn’t do is to tell you how to get your advertising and marketing campaigns set up in the first place.  But it’s not pretending to be such a product – after all, there’s loads of other information out there to find out how to best do this.  But what this does do is exactly as it promises – to give you the mathematical data you need to understand exactly what your marketing spends is doing.  And this information, we have to say, is pure gold…!

The Bottom Line

OK guys – this is actually a ‘hold the front page’ moment.  Because if you’re serious about your IM business, then having the data Conversion Fly can provide you with is essential.  But d’you know what, you don’t even need to take our word for it, because Conversion Fly comes with a no questions asked, 30-day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with it.

Conversion Fly is probably the first of it’s kind to be out there, with the accuracy, the cross platform capability and, it has to be said, the affordability.  You know, the folks who truly make money from their IM business are those who are ahead of the game:  And Conversion Fly can honestly get you ahead.  In our humble opinion, this one’s really is a winner.  Well done, Todd, and thank you…

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