How To Choose A Kindle Book Topic

How To Choose A Kindle Book TopicAre you interested in writing a few Kindle books, but have yet to decide on which topic to choose? Coming up with the right topic is important from a strategic point of view. That’s because not all topics have the potential to bring in a large amount of sales. As time goes on you will notice a pattern regarding what types of topics tend to sell better than others. Identifying what these topics are could prove to be vital to your success. However, if you are starting out and want to get results within the first few Kindle books then read on for tips on how to choose a Kindle topic effectively.

Don’t Pick A Crowded Category

For those of you that don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising, you will need to rely on the quality of your books to make sales. Therefore, don’t pick a crowded category where you will have a hard time standing out among the horde of other books. With so many categories in the Kindle store you can find one that has yet to be conquered by an authoritative figure. Browsing around the categories at the Amazon Kindle store is quite intuitive, as an expert from Tuts+ suggests:

Browsing categories on Amazon is the online equivalent of wandering around a bookstore, browsing different titles, and seeing what takes your fancy. Amazon’s categories aren’t chosen at random. They’re based on the BISAC Subject Headings, a standard used by many bookstores.

Create A Series Of Books

The key to Kindle success is to write many books, not just a few. The more books you put out there the higher the chances of getting a book to go viral. Therefore, when writing your first book think about angles that you could use for future books. Writing a series of books which are interconnected will increase your overall readership. That’s because they might find one book in the series and then look up your other ones. People that have an interest in a subject will read more than one book, as Pawel Reszka from Aff Helper suggests:

The great thing about books is that few people who are truly interested in a subject only ever read one single book on it. Think about golf enthusiasts. Do you really think they’re only going to read one book on how to improve their technique? Chances are they’re going to read dozens.

There are a number of subjects which you could write a series of books on. Anything from mystery stories to guides on how to do maintenance work on a boat.

Explore The Offline World

One thing you could try that is a little out of the box is to look at what is selling well offline, and then see if there is a gap in the market on the Amazon Kindle marketplace. For example, if you are interested in writing a recipe book look at the top ten recipe book types that sell offline. If you can find at least one type that has hardly any books on Kindle then you have a subject worth choosing.

Doing as much research as you can prior to entering a niche is extremely important. Because you wouldn’t want to get 5 books deep into a niche before you discover that it is actually too competitive, or that there isn’t enough demand. Another point that you must consider is the possibly of writing in multiple niches. While this is beneficial from the standpoint of it allows you to explore multiple avenues. You might find that by writing in multiple niches you become a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

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