How To Capture Leads From Facebook Fan Pages

How To Capture Leads From Facebook Fan PagesFacebook is increasing its user base every year and currently has as many as 1.23 billion users that are active. The amount of traffic that moves around on that website is colossal and that is why any online business needs to make an effort to attract some of that traffic to their business website. The best way to attract Facebook traffic to your website is to make use of fan pages. Here you can make a public profile that represents your business and you have an opportunity to showcase your products and services.

Don’t Forget the Call To Action

Anytime you decide to make a post you need to remember that a call to action that will attract your readers to your business website. Anytime you miss out on the opportunity to leave a call to action at the end of your posts you are essentially hurting your bottom line. However, don’t make the call to action sound too much like a sales pitch as you will drive away people that may turn into buyers. When getting sold to in a hard manner most people begin to think “if the product is good then why do they need to ram it down my throat for me to buy it?” So make sure that you nudge people in the direction of your products as opposed to forcing them. An expert from Jon Loomer suggests how to add a call to action:

Rather than creating an image full of text about your latest special offer, think about pairing it with a good image or a tip that enhances your message. Then be sure to add a phone number, email address or link depending on how to buy.

The Sign Up Tab

On your business page you can create tabs, and one that is certainly worth doing is a sign up tab. This allows you to capture information about the user such as their e-mail address. And from there you can market to them repeatedly whatever products you have. Just make sure that you keep the format of the messages in your emails the same as on your Facebook page because the continuity needs to be there. Denise Kitt from Media Funnel suggests the type of information that you ask for should reflect what is important for your goals;

The common setup asks visitors to enter their name and e-mail address. Obviously, you can set up your tab to inquire about whatever visitor information you feel will be helpful to your business.

The sign up tab needs to be attractive and should even contain a sales magnet. This is essentially anything that you are offering to the subscriber in return for their email address. The sales magnet needs to be highly professional because it will give the subscribers an indication of how good your products will be.

Do More Than Sell

In order to create a truly engaging business Facebook page you need to entertain and educate your potential customers at the same time. Any funny stories that you can find relating to your business, or any “how to” information that you have, should be made available to your Facebook page followers.

Think of it this way: the more useful your information is the more likely people are going to return regularly, and one of the fundamental aspects of marketing is to get your offer in front of your customers multiple times. This is because people tend not to buy a product until they have bumped into it more than once. If your posts are truly valuable then people will share your posts and an increasing number of people will flock to your business page.

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