Brainwave Shots Review – Will These Audios Really Help You?

WTF!  Audio Brainwave ‘Shots’ That’ll Help You Change Your State Of Mind For The Better – Simply By Listening To A Simple 30-Minute Audio.  This Has Got To Be A Scam Product, Hasn’t It…?

You know, there’s many of us who’re looking for a little helping hand to living our best life possible.  From relaxation to stress reduction, improving sleep to pain relief – we could all do with some of that…

brainwave shots review

But simple, short, 30-minute audios that use brainwave sounds to get us activated…?  Sounds like a whole load of mumbo jumbo to us…

However, it seems that there’s a whole bunch of folks out there using these Brainwave Shots, and shouting about how great they are.  So this left us with no choice but to put our cynicism to one side (well, slightly off-center, anyway), and find out more about this phenomenon.

Below is what we discovered.  And if you’re considering a purchase, we highly recommend you give up a couple of minutes of time to read what we found out.  Because even though we say so ourselves – it certainly makes for fascinating reading…

What do you get for your money with Brainwave Shots?

Right, so in a nutshell, Brainwave shots are simple, 30-minute audios that use brainwave sounds to influence the way that you feel.  With us so far…?  No, we didn’t think so…

OK, so let’s look at this a little deeper.

The audios that are Brainwave shots use a process called ‘brainwave entrainment’.  Let’s talk about this in more detail:

  • A scientifically proven method: Brainwave entrainment is a well-respected and scientifically proven method that uses external stimuli to change your state of mind.  In this case the external stimuli is sound.
  • Exposing the brain: The ‘shots’ use particular frequencies of sound that your brain locks onto.  It then copies them.  So, by exposing the brain to frequencies that occur naturally when you’re truly focused, your mind then becomes… well, focused!
  • 100 years of research: Over a century of science has proven that brainwave entrainment both works, and is safe to use.
  • Simply hit play: Plug in your headphones (or listen to them in a silent environment) and you’re good to go.  Each Brainwave Shot comes in 15 and 30-minute versions.
  • Results are long lasting: You can expect the state of focus to last from anything from 4 hours right though to the whole day.
  • Created by experts: These ‘shots’ aren’t any old sounds that’ve been cobbled together.  They’ve been created by experts in brainwave entrainment, and each one is designed to target the frequencies in the brain necessary to see you focused towards your particular goal.

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There are 35 different Brainwave Shots in the library, so there’s plenty to choose and focus on.  These include the following:

  • Sleep shot
  • Happiness shot
  • Stress reduction shot
  • Alert shot
  • Brain power shot
  • Success shot
  • Theta shot (meditation)
  • Healing shot
  • Inner Peace shot
  • Pain Relief shot

And many more.  There’s even a ‘sex’ shot – for when you want an all-natural arousal to make your bedroom antics even more explosive…!

Sounds a bit mumbo-jumbo to me?

Yes, it did to us as well.  But actually, brainwave entrainment is a well researched and proven method of inducing many brainwave states – such as relaxation, meditation, enhanced focus, or sleep induction.  And it works in virtually everyone.  Brainwave entrainment effectively pushes the entire brain into a certain state by aligning to the frequency of a given beat.

Google it if you need more convincing.  It really is a known and well-understood process used by many to improve various areas of their lives.

Who is Brainwave Shots for?

As we’ve already said, brainwave entrainment works on pretty much everyone.  If you’re looking for a method that’ll help you focus in any manner – that could be sleep, pain relief, success, staying alert – or whatever, then this is a well understood and proven scientific (and safe) method of helping your brain move in the direction you wish it to.  And the results can often be nothing short of miraculous.

The Pros and Cons of Brainwave Shots

The Pros

  • There’s a large library of Brainwave Shots to suit whatever state it is you wish to move towards.
  • Each Brainwave Shot comes in both 15 minute and 30-minute options. This means that you can fit in your ‘hit’, no matter how short of time you might be.
  • The guys at Brainwave Shots are so convinced that you’ll be happy with your purchase that they offer an iron-clad, 365-day, 100% money back guarantee.
  • The science behind Brainwave Shots is well-proven. In fact, brain entrainment has been understood and used by experts for over a century.

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The Cons

  • brainwave shots guarantee

    Well, the biggest con is that Brainwave Shots are not suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy. And it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use it when operating machinery, or are driving a car.  This is because it can produce a state of deep relaxation or even sleep – so obviously don’t use it when you can’t afford not to fall asleep!

The Bottom Line

Wow – we’re gobsmacked!  What started out as a deep dive into a product we were sure we were going to detest, has led to us becoming staunch lovers of this product.  Brainwave Shots are possible the perfect antidote to our crazy 21st century lifestyle.  Because they sure do what they promise…

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a natural way of boosting your life in whatever aspect you need, then look no further.  Brainwave Shots do exactly as the advertising promises.  In fact, it’s probably the reason they don’t have a really gucci landing page – because the product doesn’t need any fancy advertising.  It speaks for itself.

Brainwave Shots – you’ve got yourself one satisfied customer here.  And if you buy in, we’re pretty sure you’re going to feel exactly the same…

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