9 Reasons Why Every Online Business Needs To Split Test

In online marketing, any aggressive marketer would want to maximize every given opportunity that presents itself. However, you maynot be sure of what will work and what will not. This way, you will find yourself trying out different marketing techniques. This is where the concept of split marketing comes in. So, what is split marketing and why should you use it?

Split testing or A/B testing is a method of conducting controlled experiments with the goal of boosting different web metrics. It can be done with the intention of improving clicks, optimization or even impression. Here are some of the reasons why every online business needs split marketing.

1. Better content engagement
You need to create two versions of the content. This could be a landing page, blog posts, menu list or any other content that may be on your site. Once you have designed the two versions, you need to gauge them based on their quality and choose the one that has a potential of engaging more readers or viewers. This means that there are high chances of creating compelling content that will not only boost your engagement ratings but also lead to higher conversion.

2. Increase your conversion rates
The main goal of any online marketing campaign is to
increase the conversion rates. This is because the conversions are what
determines the performance of a business.

If customers just visit your website without taking any meaningful
action, your marketing may be declared unfruitful. Split testing is one of the
surest techniques that a business can use to increase their conversion rate.
With the two versions of web pages or even content, marketers can be in a good
position to see what will work and what will not.

3. Minimize bounce rates
High bounce rates can break your heart. It is
excruciating that you put lots of effort and resources on a website only to be
slapped in the face by customers who just pass by your page without doing
anything that will add value to your business. A/B testing can help you to
reduce this ugly aspect of online marketing.

In split testing, you will create two versions and
apply all the necessary changes that will make them look good before the eyes
of the visitors. You can then choose a combination of elements that have the
potential of convincing customers to stay on your website.

4. Eliminates guesswork from marketing
Split testing takes the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns. Instead, it increases the level of accuracy at which you run every campaign. For instance, you will be in a better position to know the audience that will click posts which have certain headlines. This will compel you to change your headlines occasionally, depending on what you want to achieve.

The same applies to content creation. The two
versions of the content that you put on your website can give you accurate data
about what to expect. The method gives you a clear sense of direction on how to
conduct every online marketing campaign.

5. Easier analysis
One key aspect of digital marketing is analysis.
This is all about determining how your marketing campaign has performed.
Although it may sound simple, a good percentage of marketers detest this part.
One of the reasons that make marketers avoid this element is that it is
difficult to determine the source of some data and make decisions.

A/B test makes this process easier as you will have a quick overview of factors that resulted in an increase in
conversions or those that led to a web traffic deep. Making changes in this
type of testing will be quite manageable because you will be able to make
decisions on major changes that will deliver instant results.

6. Unlimited application
Split testing does not have limits. It can work with
a wide a variety of content that you post on your website. Remember that no
matter how good your site looks, one mistake is enough to drive the visitors
away, hence resulting in a high bounce rate.

Split testing is not limited to images and text
content. You can literally test everything that is on the website. The method
can be used to test fonts, video, site speed, pagination, site structure among
many other issues that may affect the overall performance of the website from
the visitor’s perspective.

7. Minimizes risks
In the digital world, most marketing decisions come
with risks. As much as you stand to gain better returns from making technical
decisions regarding the appearance of your website, some risks can bring your
business to its knees. This makes it
necessary to find the proper means of assessing some of the dangers before
things become hot. Split testing can help you do so.

By creating two different versions of the website,
you will be able to study the behavior of the visitors and see whether they
will convert or not. This is because some changes can discourage customers or
cause a decline in web traffic. By studying different versions, you will be
able to decide whether the changes are worth investing in.

8. Can Improve your offline marketing strategies
The effects of split testing are not just felt on
online marketing. They also affect how you conduct your offline marketing. If
all your online strategies seem okay, then you need to look at other factors of
your business. Are customers being repulsed by your rude customer care team?
Are your competitors outshining you? Are
your products overpriced? Luckily, there are various insights from the A/B
testing can help you identify offline areas that you are performing dismally.

9. Minimize the rate of cart abandonment
Everything about your online marketing may look
okay. People may be visiting your site and even perform some actions. However, nobody seems to be completing the
purchase. Maybe the visitors abandon their products in the cart and leave just
like that. With the help of split testing, you can find out the reasons that
lead to cart abandonment and work on how to minimize this problem.

The digital world is very competitive and leaves no
room to dilly dally. Split testing is one of the things that you can do to
streamline your online marketing. By testing different variables, you will be
able to choose the ones that have chances of giving your site’s visitors a
better experience.

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