5 Tips For Setting Up A Successful Facebook Business Page

Tips For Setting Up A Successful Facebook Business PageIf you are interested in marketing on Facebook, you need to start out by setting up your profile page, and if you don’t actually know how to go about this, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. The way that you set out your profile page will affect everything from your ranking on Google to the way that you appeal to your clients, and this is why you need to take this step as seriously as possible.

Use Call To Action Graphics

You might not be able to use a call to action graphic as your profile picture but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them on your Facebook page; you just need to know where to put this graphic. Michael Vreeken has this advice to give;

Place a clear call-to-action graphic in the landing tab, this will help getting more “Likes” from your visitors.

Placement is a very important consideration for any Facebook page, and the more time and effort you put into this, the more you’ll benefit with regards to results, particularly when you start comparing your “likes” to those businesses that don’t invest in this.

Don’t Forget The Share Button

If you forget your share button, you could end up losing out on a lot of natural advertising. By adding a share button on your products, for example, you can have interested clients share on your behalf, and this is basically as good as receiving a referral because it will show up on their news feed. Don’t forget to make the share button as easy to see as possible, otherwise your clients might just give up before having the chance to advertise your business to their friends.

Use Google Analytics To Your Advantage

One of the ways that you can tracks your visitors to your Facebook page is through the Facebook analytics system, but this isn’t as thorough as Google analytics, so when you get stuck, use the latter. By setting Google Analytics to your Facebook page, you will be able to track everything that you usually do on your website, only this time it will analyze your social networking page. Remember, if you aren’t doing anything with the results, you might as well not use the system to begin with, so keep this in mind as you go about looking into this data.

Customize The URL

You might already be aware that a customized URL is a great asset for a business, but you might not be aware why. The experts of Mashable put it this way;

If your URL is a jumble of numbers, your brand won’t surface when someone searches for it.

Search engines are great assets to businesses that know how to use them, and they provide a lot of competition to those that don’t; for this reason alone you need to know how to make them work for you.

Reference Facebook in Marketing Materials

Don’t limit your social media marketing to your site itself; branch out to other marketing materials. Whether you are sending out brochures or advertising on the television, you can incorporate your “like us” slogan just about anywhere and start expanding your following online through offline efforts.

Dedicating yourself to growing your online presence is an important step to successful introducing your business into the 21 st century, so don’t be afraid to start educating yourself on how to do this right. Keep in mind that if you don’t know how to tackle this type of task, there are companies out there that will accomplish this for you; you just need locate the right team for the job.

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