5 Expert Tips To More Effective Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a very effective method of connecting with potential customers and generally getting a foot in the door with regards to building a successful company, but just like any other type of marketing, you need to use it correctly. If you think that all it takes to advertise on this platform is setting up a page and asking people to like it, you aren’t only mistaken; you could end up causing people to have a negative reaction to your business, and that’s the last thing you want.

Facebook MarketingFacebook Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you are going to use Facebook marketing to your advantage, you’ll want to start out by getting to know your options as far as advertising is concerned. Certain options are more cost effective than others, but this will depend on how well known your business is, how much money you have to put into your campaigns and what kind of response you are looking to get from your advertisements. Pay-Per-Click advertising is very popular at the moment because it is easy and effective.

Karl Monson explains;

The easiest place to start is with Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising, you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad.

This means that only those individuals who have an interest in your business will be inclined to actually click on the ads, and this will give you a higher ROI, or return on investment. One of the best ways to make sure that you get the most of your PPC advertising is to target certain geographical areas; this means only those customers within a certain location will come into contact with your ads.

Make It Short And Sweet

No one wants to read a sales letter just to find out what you are trying to sell them. In fact, if you can’t capture their attention with a couple of words, you’re doing it all wrong. The experts of Pixpa have this to suggest;

So much is being posted in real time on the wall that you barely have a fraction of a second to grab attention. So, do spend some time figuring out what do you want to say and how to do you want to say it.

You can use images to say a lot of the things that you just don’t have the time to get across, and they actually work much faster in capturing the attention of potential clients.

Nurture Relationships

The whole point of having a Facebook account is so that you can interact with other people, so don’t ignore this facet of your social media page. Put aside ten or twenty minutes a day so that you can read through messages and reply to people who have been contacting you on your page; as you send messages in return, this will encourage others to do the same thing.

Make People Feel Included

If you are advertising a ballgame, for instance, you might only invite individuals who you are fairly certain will be able to make it to the game, but this alienates an entire potential customer base who will feel left out because they didn’t get an invite. At first, potential customers will most likely stand at the sidelines and not interact with a business much, but include them anyway because in time, all of this might change.

Never Stop Learning

Facebook might only be a handful of years old, but it is constantly evolving and this means that advertisers need to stay on top of all these changes. Don’t assume that a current trend is going to be around 6 months from now; keep updating your knowledge about how to go about marketing on this platform and you won’t be left out in the dark when it comes to the most effective methods of advertising online.

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