Marketing Basics

You got to love Black Friday. It is a day of savings offline and online for useful and useless products alike. And if you are a business owner, it is a time to get awesome deals on your favorite courses, programs, and products that are supposed to help you move forward with more success. This [...]

How To Choose A Kindle Book Topic

Are you interested in writing a few Kindle books, but have yet to decide on which topic to choose? Coming up with the right topic is important from a strategic point of view. That’s because not all topics have the potential to bring in a large amount of sales. As time goes on you will [...]

Sales Video Marketing Myths You Must Be Aware Of

For any online business, having sales videos out there for marketing purposes is crucial. However, due to the large amount of dis-information business owners at times tend to go about their sales video marketing the wrong way. Are you planning to launch a sales video or two but don’t know which information to trust? Then [...]

How To Keep Your E-mail Marketing Campaign Fresh

Keeping the subject of your e-mail letters engaging means there needs to be an element of freshness about them. You can do this by including current newsworthy events that are related to your niche. This demonstrates two things: first, that you can be relied upon to keep your audience informed of niche-related news; and second, [...]

Every marketing method out there has its own set of problems, and pay-per-click (PPC) is not any different. A lot of marketers getting started with PPC will have heard of the instant profits that can be made and then scaled up beyond one’s wildest dreams. But in reality, you are likely to hit a series [...]